Get the Maximum Appraisal Value for Your Baltimore Home

When getting your home appraised, you probably want to get a high appraisal estimate, so how can you prepare? Start by thinking of the appraiser as a potential buyer (except your appraiser will be far more knowledgeable about the local real estate market than the average home buyer). Think like a home buyer, and you will be able to have an idea of what areas of your home need work. The good news for those selling Baltimore real estate is that there are plenty of small things you can do to improve your appraisal value without investing too much into your home.

Clean Up Your Home. When appraisers walk into Baltimore homes that appear unkempt and in disrepair, they are going to assume that the seller isn't properly maintaining the home. After all, if you aren't able to pick up the clutter before the appraiser's arrival, why would you have been changing furnace filters and cleaning out your oven? Probably not. De-clutter and deep clean the home, and you'll get a slightly higher appraisal.

Create a Record of All Past Home Improvements. Have you added any rooms to the home since you moved in? Is the roof or siding new? Have you replaced any components of the HVAC system? Major, and even minor, improvements like these can add value to the home during the appraisal, but Baltimore real estate appraisers aren't going to know about them if you don't tell them. Create a list of these improvements to present to the appraiser at his arrival at your house.

Research the Market. Take the time before the appraisal to learn of recently sold Baltimore homes in your area that are similar to yours. If there is something unusual, such as a home that sold for far less than a fair asking price because it was a short sale or the seller was moving on short notice, in these comparables, you can explain to the appraiser what the reason for that low price is. This will keep an unexpectedly low sale price from impacting your appraisal amount.

Improve Curb Appeal. Think of the appraiser as a buyer, because that's exactly how he will look at your home. This means you need to be attentive to curb appeal. Everything needs to be clean and fresh on the exterior of your home. Make it look as if it is ready for a showing, and you'll see a better appraisal price.

Control the Smell! If your home has an unusual odor, address it. You will get a lower appraisal estimate if the home smells bad, because buyers are going to walk away immediately if they detect an odor. Odors are especially important if you have pets. No one wants to walk into a piece of Baltimore real estate they are considering buying and smell your dog. Take care of these odors before the appraisal.

Baltimore homes that look like they are ready to sell are the ones that get the highest price from the appraiser. Take the time to do what you need to do to your piece of Baltimore real estate before you have the appraisal, and you will be happier with the results.


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