Employment opportunities abound in Baltimore

Those looking for the thrill of city life in the Chesapeake Bay area who want the security of moving to a stable economic metro may want to check out the homes for sale in Baltimore.

Support of small businesses
According to a new report from the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are a number of lenders backing small business opportunities in the Baltimore area. In the past nine months, M&T, the second largest lender in Baltimore, has written 157 loans totaling more than $17 million just in the 7(a) program, the Baltimore Business Journal reports. These loans help guarantee working capital for inventory and equipment for local area businesses.

In the current economy, obtaining the necessary funds for getting a small business off the ground is often no simple feat. Consequently, working with a lender to open and sustain a new company is a positive local opportunity.

Baltimore area hospitality jobs are available
The hospitality industry is a driving force in the greater Baltimore area. Jobs are frequently posted for a variety of positions such as a sales coordinator, hospitality manager and guest services agent, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

Those Baltimore residents with experience in the hospitality and luxury field may want to consider applying for one of the numerous positions being offered. It could lead to a greater professional opportunity and offer perks such as higher pay, benefits and skills development.

Employment numbers appear steady
According to the Department of Numbers, the CES reported that there were 1,296,000 jobs in Baltimore in May 2012 - up 6,600 in a year-over-year comparison. In contrast, figures from CPS reported that there were 1,338,633 jobs in May 2012, an increase of 10,261 compared to a year ago. Either way, employment figures are showing a strengthening market filled with potential for dedicated workers.

As the local economy continues to improve and jobs are added, more Baltimore residents may find themselves enjoying the ability to purchase a new home. The residential housing market is slowly improving, mortgages remain low and professional opportunities are present – a winning combination for many consumers. The MLS listings for Baltimore provide the perfect method of exploring the local real estate market.