Custom brews in Baltimore entice residents

Living in a fascinating metro with a strong personality such as Baltimore allows residents to experience a wide variety of entertainment options, people and services. These attractions are why people flock to metros such as Baltimore.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population in Baltimore was approximately 616,493 in 2011 - a significant portion of Maryland’s 5,828,289 people. Experts are predicting that the steady economy in the local area will attract more professionals to the metro and increase the region’s population over the next few years.

With 50.8 percent of the Baltimore population between the ages of 18 and 65, most of the people in the city can partake in the quality beverage options brewed, steeped and ground right in the city.

Local Baltimore coffee
While people may immediately get images of New Orleans stuck in their mind with the mention of Chicory, the flavor will soon be a staple in Baltimore as well. According to Baltimore Brew, the small purple flower that delivers that strong flavor is abundant in the greater Baltimore region, which is why it is now being incorporated by local coffee shops. Local professionals may want to consider stopping by their favorite coffee shop for a taste of this delicious, smoky brew.

Local Baltimore brewery
DuClaw Brewing Company has recently leased 62,000 square feet in Baltimore County for a new headquarters, the Baltimore Business Journal reports. The new location will employ approximately 20 people and will start brewing some of the two dozen popular flavors the craft beer company is known for. The source claims that the brand will invest about $3.8 million to relocate, buy new equipment and increase brewing capacity.

With such fascinating drink options local to the area, the desire to stay in the same home may not be hard to maintain. From 2006 to 2010, the percentage of the population that continued to live within the same house for over a year in Baltimore was 82.4 percent, the source claims. This high percentage could indicate that once residents purchase one of the homes for sale in Baltimore, they are happy with the home and local community - enough to stay for an extended period of time.