Charles Village: Where to search for homes in Baltimore

When buying a home in Baltimore, the area you choose to search for a home will be an important factor. Not only does location determine important considerations like the schools your kids will attend and the amenities you can access, but it can also affect potential resale value in the future. One area worth considering during your home search is the Charles Village neighborhood.

Charles Village is located near the John Hopkins Homewood Campus, making it a bit of a college town. Students, faculty and staff are common residents of Charles Village. Considering that areas near prestigious universities, like John Hopkins, hold their value well, this location is offers safer investment opportunities when it comes to real estate.

Not only is resale value typically stronger in a college town, but you can also turn homes into rental properties easily. This means that, should you wish to move on at a later date, you can turn your new home into an investment. Students and even temporary faculty members are always looking for homes to rent near campus.

What Is Charles Village Like?

The culture of Charles Village is similar to that of most college towns. The neighborhood tends to attract a younger demographic and local artists, giving it a bit of a Bohemian feel. The community is vibrant and growing. It is also one of the more racially diverse neighborhoods within the city, so you can enjoy having a multi-cultural experience living here.

The homes in Charles Village seem to reflect the character of its residents. Historic row houses that were built in the early 20th century are the most common option here. These homes have been maintained well over the year, and as a result are attractive and appealing. The students and artists that call this area home love the character of these properties. A contest in the late 1990s that encouraged residents to paint their front porches and facades bright colors has carried on into today, and as a result, colorful home fronts are common in this community, earning the homes the name of "Painted Ladies."

Types of Real Estate in Charles Village

If you are buying a home in Baltimore and find the colorful character of Charles Village appealing to you, you will want to know what types of homes are available. Some of the homes have been converted into multi-unit apartments to cater to the needs of the bulging student body, but you can still easily find single-family homes in the mix. Most of these are two-story row house styles with a decidedly Victorian feel to them.

As Charles Village has grown and expanded, so has the need for properties. New condo developments on the edges of the neighborhood are also available. These don't have the historic feel of the row houses near the college, but they offer comfortable options for someone looking for a more modern property. Regardless of whether you shop for an old or a new property, plan to spend upwards of $200,000 for a Charles Village home.

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