Buying Baltimore Real Estate?

As you spend your time browsing through Baltimore home listings, you may find yourself wondering which neighborhoods are available throughout the city. Each of Baltimore's neighborhoods has its own distinct flavor with its own type of real estate. As you choose your new home, consider these areas that are growing in popularity due to their excellent amenities and eclectic personalities.

Hampden Embraces Retro Chic

Hampden  prides itself for its rich culture, and showcases its love for retro with the annual Hon Festival  where the 1960s come alive along its street. Here residents find their two-story row houses intermingled with trendy coffee shops, dining options, and bars. The Avenue, Hampden's four-block commercial center, is home to some of the area's most stylish boutiques and art galleries, all of which have served as the catalyst to the area's rebirth.

If you are shopping for Baltimore real estate in Hampden, the prices vary significantly depending on the type of home you choose. For a row house style, three-bedroom property, plan to spend between $150,000 and $250,000. Single-family bungalow or cottage style homes typically bring between $250,000 and $350,000.

Locust Point Offers Waterfront Views

Locust Point is another neighborhood in Baltimore that is growing in popularity. With a blend of new, revitalized condo buildings and traditional Baltimore row houses,  there's an assortment of Baltimore real estate to choose from in Locust Point. What's more, you will find that much of the real estate in this area are waterfront properties providing magnificent views.  The historic feel to the community appeals to blue-collar workers who enjoy amenities like their own athletic club, Tide Point Business Park and the popular Harvest Table Restaurant.

While condos and town homes overlooking the water are the most common types of Baltimore home listings in Locust Point, you will also find that there are single-family homes in this community as well. Because land is at a premium, these homes will be row house style properties. Plan to spend over $400,000 for a single-family, three-bedroom property in this popular community.

Historic Properties Await Buyers in Bolton Hill

One more area in Baltimore is Bolton Hill, located in the northwest corner of the city. This growing area has many historic buildings and is home to the Maryland Institute College of Art, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and the Lyric Theater. These art venues draw those who love culture to this area. The community is also within walking distance of the University of Baltimore.

While these amenities are important, what draws many to these Baltimore home listings is the extravagance and historic significance of the properties themselves. Both inside and out, these properties are charming and filled with character. Plan to spend between $300,000 and $400,000 for a three-bedroom property here.

As you shop for the perfect piece of Baltimore real estate, don't overlook these neighborhoods. 

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