Baltimore's football franchise features strong presence

Sports are often a large part of a local metro area’s culture. The thrill of the game and ability to cheer on larger-than-life personalities can bring an area together. The Baltimore Ravens, part of the National Football League (NFL) are such a team for those who own real estate in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Ravens have been rated as the 18th most valuable sports team, according to Forbes' recent list of the "World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams."

Valued at $1.09 billion, the Baltimore Ravens are owned by Stephen Bisciotti. The team has been one of the NFL’s most consistent winners since Bisciotte bought 49 percent of the team in 2000, the news source reports. The remaining 51 percent of the team was purchased later in 2004. By averaging 10 wins a season and making the playoffs eight times since 2000, the Ravens have gained a loyal following of fans.

Baltimore residents can check out a Ravens' game at the M&T Bank Stadium, located at 1101 Russell Street. It may be an entertaining event for family or friends.