Baltimore housing market improves

The Chesapeake Bay area saw marked real estate improvements during the second quarter. As a result, potential property buyers may want to consider purchasing one of the homes for sale in Baltimore. Prices are currently remaining steady, making the city a reliable real estate market to buy in.

According to ALTOS Research, the median single family home price in Baltimore by August 10, 2012 was $113,763. This figure rested at approximately $113,000 on July 1, 2012. In the same vein, the median price paid per square foot in Baltimore as of August 10, 2012 was about $102. Real estate experts believe that the steady home values experienced in the past few months were a boon for residents in the local community. However, national rates are beginning to rise, which could signify a potential upward trend in the region.

The average property sold in Baltimore by August 10, 2012 had been on the market for 175 days, claims the source. Potential homebuyers may want to check out the MLS listings in Baltimore to find an affordable property.