What are the best places to enjoy music in Austin?

Austin is not only Texas' capital city, but also has earned the nickname "Live Music Capital of the World" because it provides a vast array of live entertainment. Today, it's not difficult to find affordable homes for sale in Austin, and you can live close to some great venues.

Currently, there are at least 200 places to see live music in the city, according to the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Here are a few of the locations to see live music in Austin.

Music in unexpected places
Music is a beautiful thing, and seeing performers play songs in random locations can help bring this art form to life. Thankfully, Austin residents can enjoy music in a collection of venues that musicians may avoid in other metros. These include the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, City Hall, grocery stores and Lady Bird Lake. Some of these locales feature live music weekly, while others offer annual and seasonal shows at various points throughout the year.

Music and food
Austin offers plenty of opportunities to fill your plate with music and food. Local restaurants such as the Cool River Cafe, Eddie V's Edgewater Grill and Ranch 616 serve food and music that cater to those looking for a fun, relaxing evening in the city. Other options are available, including Mexican restaurants with mariachi bands and gospel brunches that suit a wide variety of culinary and musical tastes.

Music museums and shops
Music education is an important part of enjoying the art form, so some might want to catch up on the past, present and future of the music scene before attending live shows. Whether you're looking to buy the latest CDs or learn about the history of music, Austin's got you covered. You can visit various museums and stores across the city to enrich your musical background as you receive a one-of-a-kind education with the assistance of local artists and vendors.

The Austin Music Memorial, Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial and Texas Music Museum are some of the top places to learn about the city's musical history. Take a trip down memory lane with memorabilia and photographs that highlight the region's rich music scene. Additionally, music shops such as Antoine's Record Shop and Waterloo Records give you the chance to learn about current and past musicians with vinyl records, cassettes and CDs.