Survey shows Austin a safe bet for commercial and residential properties

The state of the housing market in the United States is fluid, as many factors typically influence the price of properties. Many real estate experts offer advice to homebuyers, and some make predictions based on data. A recent survey shows that several housing specialists see good things in Austin, which could impact property buyers in the near future. In fact, those who pursue some of the homes for sale in Austin could see the value of their homes rise in 2013 if the expectations of a group of experienced property experts holds true.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a survey from PwC and the Urban Land Institute showed that various real estate experts consider Austin to be a market that's worth watching. This city earned a spot among the top-five areas to monitor based on its job creation, commercial real estate sales and other factors.

The expansion of commercial real estate in Austin
The news source points out that Austin could draw a variety of businesses to its commercial properties in 2013. Data indicates that Austin's population could increase 2.3 percent next year, and these new residents could play large roles in the city's long-term success.

For example, CNET reports that Austin is more favorable for businesses than areas like Silicon Valley because it offers financial incentives to companies. The Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index for fiscal year 2013 ranked Texas ninth among states in terms of taxes.

Austin, the capital of the Lone Star States, plays a significant role in the state's ability to attract new businesses. This metropolitan statistical area that contains Austin and Round Rock features the corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 companies such as Dell and Whole Foods Market, and the region's real estate could help it attract more businesses.

Commercial properties are available in the Austin area, and business owners could pursue these buildings to take their operations to Texas. Additionally, employees at these businesses can consider the wide array of homes in the region, and could enjoy lower-than-average interest rates on several mortgage options.

Consider the commercial and residential property ownership opportunities in Austin. This city is growing, and those who pursue homes in the Austin area could see the value of these residences quickly rise.