Summer Open House Tips for Austin Home Sellers

As the live music capital of the world with beautiful scenery at almost every turn, many people love living in Austin. However, there is one thing that cannot be denied; the scorching hot summer returns every summer.

When temperatures are at their peak for the year, selling a home becomes more difficult. While home buyers bounce from one Austin open house to the other, they become increasingly hot and more restless with their search. The heat fogs their ability to think clearly about what they want, and instead, their focus lies on which homes make them feel the most at ease and comfortable.

Holding a summertime Austin open house may seem like a challenge in the extreme heat. However, by following a few open house tips, you have a unique opportunity to let your home stand apart from others.

Here are some of the best open house tips for helping your visitors feel more comfortable in the heat, and leaving a positive impression when trying to sell your home.

1.     Make your home a cool oasis from the heat – The first thing that should hit your visitors when they walk in is a refreshing temperature. Lowering your air conditioning a few extra degrees during your Austin open house can help make a positive first impression on potential homebuyers. When they walk into a cold home, they feel instantly revitalized and excited about looking at your space.

2.     Turn on ceiling fans for a cool breeze through your home – Throughout the search, homebuyers will move from room to room. Turning on your ceiling fans in each room provides them with a cool breeze to help them cool off even further.

3.     Provide refreshing cool drinks to visitors – With extreme heat comes an almost unquenchable thirst. Plan for your visitors to be thirsty. Have cold bottled water or iced tea to give to them so that they can hydrate while they view your open house.

4.     Add shade to your backyard – Potential homebuyers will want to see your backyard. Keep your visitors in the most shaded part of the backyard while they look over your home, or put up a small tent to provide them shade to take in the backyard more comfortably.

5.     Plant fresh flowers to increase the aesthetic appeal – The heat can hurt your plants during the summer months. Although it is hot outside, your flowers and plants should look well kept and stunning when you hold an open house. Plant new flowers, or spruce up your shrubs so that they give off a more appealing look to the visitor.

When you open your home to potential buyers, you want them to feel happy and comfortable. With these open house tips, you can provide your visitors a relaxing environment where they can soak up everything they want to know about your house while cooling off. Create a more memorable Austin open house by focusing on the comfort and coolness level of your visitors, and you will leave a positive impression in each person’s mind that walks through your front doors.

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