New fun spot for painters and wine enthusiasts opens in Austin

Austin is filled with attractions and entertainment for residents, and a new business that caters to artists and wine connoisseurs could be a welcome addition to the city. Those who explore some of the homes for sale in Austin will find that this area features a wide variety of hidden gems and fun venues that showcase the excitement of Texas' capital city.

Pinot's Palette, a business that first opened in Houston in May 2009, has made its way to Austin. This retail space gives visitors a chance to enjoy a fun combination of activities, including the opportunity to meet other local residents, enjoy glasses of their favorite vintages and learn to paint like Picasso. Check out this place for a chance to enjoy art classes and host special events.

Many businesses are coming to Austin, and Pinot' Palette is just one of several that could have a dramatic impact on Austin residents.

Cracking the code for Austin business operators
Austin officials are investigating ways to attract more businesses to the city, including the possibility of revising its land-use code.

According to the Austin Business Journal, potential changes could provide more room for rapid growth in the region. Modifications may also enhance community engagement by giving residents more space and improving the continuity of neighborhoods.

"We want a code that's easier to use, that's more predictable, that delivers a high-quality development pattern," George Adams, the assistant city planner in Austin, told the news source.

The code was last altered in 1984, and the city has significantly changed since that time. In fact, Austin's population has more than doubled and seen two building booms since that year, and modifications to the land-use code could benefit local residents going forward.

New employment opportunities could become available if more businesses come to this city. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Austin area had an unemployment rate of 5.9 percent in August 2012, and this figure fell 0.5 percent from July 2012. The region's workforce has also risen over the course of this year, which is a positive development.

Economic growth is key to attracting new business to a city or town, and Austin provides a wide collection of chances for companies to make improvements. Austin administrators are willing to help businesses and residents succeed because these officials want the region's economy to thrive. Those who check out the properties for sale in Austin have an incredible opportunity to join a city that prioritizes ongoing economic expansion.