A look at some of the fastest-growing companies in Austin

Austin is a great place to start a business. The city offers various financial incentives to companies and is centrally located, which makes it an ideal spot for many organizations. In fact, some local companies have earned recognition for their success and contributions to the community. Additionally, these businesses could have a substantial impact on the area's economy and the prices and values of various homes for sale in Austin.

The Austin Business Journal recently unveiled its list of the top 50 fastest-growing companies that earn less than $10 million a year. Take a look at these businesses to learn how they were able to earn coveted spots on this publication's list.

Kendra Scott Design
Fashionista Kendra Scott got her start in an extra bedroom in her home in 2002, but she has seen her enterprise grow substantially over the past 10 years. Kendra Scott Design boasted 104.12 percent growth between 2009 and 2011 at its Austin location, and has increased its staff accordingly during that time. The business earned $5.8 million and featured 33 workers last year - more than triple its workforce from 2009 - and it's likely that the jewelry shop's offerings will continue to provide a bright spot for the city's economy in the future.

A successful sales and marketing firm, Austin's EBQuickStart earned $4.7 million last year and finished second on this year's top-50 list. Like Kendra Scott Design, EBQuickStart increased its personnel from 14 employees in 2009 to 62 staff members last year. The business offers specialized, team-based "villages" to help its clients improve their customer service, data management, lead generation, marketing and sales skills.

This company faced the challenge of expanding its operations from a startup to a midsize company last year, but overcame this difficulty thanks to its strong internal structure and management.

Growth Acceleration Partners
Growth Acceleration Partners saw its profits increase from $2.9 million in 2010 to $4.6 million last year. The company, a full-service management consulting and outsourcing firm, finished third in this year's rankings and expects to grow 50 percent next year. This firm could have an immediate impact on the local economy, as it anticipates $8 million in profits by the end of the year and will look to bring 60 to 70 new team members on board in 2013.