A look at the Austin Independent School District

Education is important for many Austin residents, and the city's school system has received numerous accolades for its accomplishments. When newcomers check out some of the homes for sale in Austin, they should be sure to examine some of the data surrounding the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to learn more about the educational opportunities available in the area.

What is AISD?
AISD is the fifth-largest school district in Texas. It features 124 schools, serves roughly 86,000 students and its families speak more than 94 languages. This district provides various opportunities to students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, including athletics, fine arts and educational support programs.

Those who are searching for quality education in the Lone Star State will appreciate the accomplishments of AISD. In the 2009-10 school year, 99 percent of AISD schools passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Additionally, students exceeded state and national average scores on the SAT in 2010 for the fourth consecutive year.

Future improvements by district officials
Several AISD administrators are promoting a campaign to enhance the district's athletics program. According to KXAN-TV, these officials have proposed $189 million in possible modifications to the program.

AISD Athletic Director Tommy Cox said that he feels the renovations are necessary to level the playing field between the area's student athletes and pupils in other districts. Cox noted that he hopes the modification plan will be approved so community members can enjoy state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

However, some critics are skeptical about the project's costs and argue that resources should be invested in classroom improvements.

"We can understand concern, I'm a taxpayer myself, I understand that," Cox told the news source. "But we love our children and when we do something like this it shows them that we really care. It's something that really makes a difference in their lives."

No decisions have been made regarding potential enhancements to the district's athletic program. Discussion will likely continue, which is a positive sign for Austin residents.

AISD officials continue to explore ways to improve the quality of the area's education system - a reflection of their commitment to making Austin a great place to live. Those who check out the homes for sale in this city will likely see an ongoing dedication to education that is displayed in the area's parents, students and school district administrators.