Home Selling Tips for Austin Home Sellers!

Home Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Many who are looking to buy Austin homes are looking for properties that are modern and appealing. For home sellers, it is definitely a challenge to get their homes ready to list on the market. If you are selling your home that is in need of an upgrade, it may be difficult to determine which project is the most cost effective.

Generally speaking in today's market, any major remodel, like a kitchen redo or a room addition, is not going to be recovered when you sell the house. There's simply a cap on the amount you can get when you are selling a home in Austin, no matter how spiffed up it is. For example, if your home only has one bathroom, and feel as though your house may sell faster with two, you can expect to spend around $33,500 for the job (prices will vary depending on where you are in the state). However, this may only add an estimated $20,900 to your potential resale price, which represents a mere fraction of your costs.

Now, this doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't add a bathroom. It just might improve your life while you living in your home, and if the remodel project fixes some major structural/functional problem within the home, it may improve your chances of selling.  Just know that you may not be able to recoup all of the costs of your investment.  If you want to make some changes that will not cost quite as much, but will improve your chances of selling quickly, consider one of these five simple things.

1. Add a Coat of Paint

Most people selling a home in Austin know the value of painting inside their homes, but have you thought about giving the outside a fresh coat of paint as well? This will greatly increase curb appeal and help you sell your home for a higher price. If your home has brick or vinyl, you still need to paint. Add paint around to trim or to your door. Everything needs to look fresh when someone drives by.

2. Add Color to the Entryway

It's summer, so make your entryway pop with fresh flowers. Keeping up with landscaping, and keeping weeds out, is challenging while you are selling a home in Austin, so consider adding a few potted plants. Using them to frame the doorway or walkway is an excellent way to draw the eye to your home.

3. Touch up the Interior

Make sure paint looks great inside your home, and make a few changes to dress up the interior. Maybe you don't have the money to remodel your entire kitchen or bath. Instead, spruce it up a bit. Austin homes that have the "wow factor" in these vital rooms will sell for a better price than those that don't. If your cabinets look outdated, consider installing new knobs, rather than remodeling the entire kitchen or bathroom.

4. De-clutter and De-personalize

Most Austin homes are filled with keepsakes and mementoes that mean something to the people who live there. However, to a potential buyer, these things look like clutter and prevent them from feeling as though the home is theirs. Your home will sell more quickly if you de-clutter and de-personalize it, so the buyer feels "at home" the moment he walks in.

As you de-clutter, don't forget the yard. Pack away the kids toys, outdoor furniture and personal garden decorations. Keep it neutral inside and out.

5. Open up the Space

Take a close look at your home, and consider how crowded it feels. Often, moving furniture around or stashing a piece or two in a storage facility for a while can help you create the feeling of space in the home. When the home feels open, it will sell more quickly.

Prepping Austin homes for selling is simply a matter of looking at them through the eyes of a potential buyer. Make your home look modern and inviting, but not too personal, then partner with a qualified local agent, and you'll find an interested buyer quickly.

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