Could a nonprofit food truck accelerate economic expansion in Austin?

Food trucks remain a popular choice for many on-the-go diners, especially in Austin. In fact, if you buy one of the homes for sale in Austin, there's an excellent chance you'll be close to many local mobile food providers. This metro features a wide selection of food truck options, but these mobile providers could soon face steep competition from a local nonprofit organization.

According to the Austin Business Journal, the Austin Can Academy, a local high school, has launched a food truck that will serve residents from the corners of Brazos and 15th streets. The vehicle is owned and operated by the Texas Can Academies, and will offer locals breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.

"At Austin Can Academy we are always looking for social entrepreneurship opportunities to raise awareness and money for our students while also connecting with the community," Richard Marquez, CEO of Texans Can Academies, told the news outlet.

This on-the-go restaurant will sell eggs, burritos, burgers and more using locally sourced ingredients. Additionally, net proceeds will benefit the Austin Can Academy, which supports over 350 students, the news source reports.

"Not only is it wonderful to be serving delicious, fresh offerings to the Austin community but it is inspiring to know our work is benefiting the amazing kids at Austin Can Academy," said Sarah Cox, development coordinator with Austin Can Academy.

How could the Austin Can Academy food truck impact the local economy?
It often takes a group effort to launch a successful business, and the Austin Can Academy's food truck reflects how people can work together toward common goals. More companies might consider following the high school's lead, but may focus their efforts toward improving the local economy.

For example, entrepreneurship delivers plenty of opportunities for Austin residents to develop and launch new businesses. Texas Enterprise notes that locals can learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur at area classes, events and workshops. These opportunities take place at a variety of venues, and each helps visitors interact with like-minded professionals who could help them turn their dreams into reality. 

The Austin Can Academy will offer delectable dishes to residents from a mobile food truck, and the school illustrates the creativity and drive for innovation that fuels many locals. New ideas could spark the Austin economy, and you can be a part of this community if you purchase one of the homes in the area.