Best Places to Live in Austin

Buying a house in Austin? You might want to consider two communities that stand out as locations that hold some of the most luxurious Austin real estate: Tarrytown and Rollingwood. Both Tarrytown and Rollingwood are a couple of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. Both communities are recognized for their affluence and prestige. For decades, Tarrytown has drawn in a number of noteworthy residents, and has always provided a standard of living that satisfied even their most prominent homeowners, including former President George W. Bush, Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConnaughey.

Tarrytown Offers Exclusive Living Minutes from Downtown

When you drive into Tarrytown, you will be able to enjoy a quiet, peaceful atmosphere of an affluent suburban neighborhood. With streets lined with towering trees and breathtaking estates, it is hard to tell that the community is a mere three miles from downtown Austin. This makes it appealing for those who want the exclusion of a peaceful neighborhood without a long commute.

Tarrytown is bounded by MoPac to its east and Lake Austin to its west. To its north and south, you will find 35th Street and Enfield. Residents of this community are not far from some of Austin's chic shopping and dining options along Lake Austin Boulevard. What's more, the six-acre Reed Park in Tarrytown offer tons of recreational opportunities for families with young children, including a swimming pool as well as a playground. Tarrytown's Lions Municipal Golf Course regularly hosts some of the game's most famous players while providing recreation for its residents.

Large, sprawling estates, many of which boast lake views, are the most common type of Austin real estate found in Tarrytown, but it also has its share of high-end apartments and condominiums for those who need less space but want the luxury of living in the community. Homes range in style from historic cottages to newly built estates - with older homes being more common in the area. While large estates with price tags of $3 to $4 million are common, smaller single-family homes are also available. The median sale price as of November 2012 was $775,000.

Rollingwood Takes Exclusivity Away from the City

Rollingwood is a city in the Austin metro area that is a little farther from downtown, but still offers the exclusivity found in Tarrytown. This small, close-knit community is home to residents who take an active interest in their neighborhood. It offers the benefit of living in a suburb, while being just minutes away from the city.

Rollingwood sits between Zilker Park and West Lake Hills. Austin real estate in Rollingwood is characterized by single family homes ranging in price from $300,000 to $1.5 million, and large homes with around 5,000 square feet of living space are common. The lots are also large and lined with trees that shade the streets, adding to the luxurious feel of the community. Many homes are located along the beautiful landscapes of Zilker Nature Preserve and others offer gorgeous views of Town Lake.

Another aspect of Rollingwood that makes it popular with those buying a house in Austin is its excellent schools. Residents in this area are serviced by one of Austin's best school districts, Eanes Independent School District, making Rollingwood a popular neighborhood for homebuyers with families.

In both of these neighborhoods, luxury properties appeal to those looking for high end Austin real estate. If you are buying a house in Austin and want an exclusive community with luxury properties, then both Rollingwood and Tarrytown are worth considering.

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