Austin's culture of social engagement on full display this fall

Austin is famous for its engaged residents and progressive policies. The city regularly draws thousands of new residents each month to take part in its growing economy and renowned, socially engaged culture. In fact, Forbes recently ranked the metro first on the publication's list of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. People looking for a city with a strong sense of community and a host of progress-minded initiatives may want to explore some of the homes for sale in Austin, as Texas' capital remains one of the most active and involved cities in the country.

Safer rides
With its environmentally aware and physically active citizens, it's little wonder that Austin has a strong corps of committed cyclists. This segment of the city's population was on full display on Thursday, November 29, when they took to the streets promoting bicycle safety throughout the city.

Nearly 1,200 cyclists filled the streets waving flags and chanting for improved laws and regulations, according to KHOU. The rise was sponsored by a group called "Please be kind to Cyclists," and attracted many spectators to watch thousands of Austin's bike-borne residents promote the need for new measures.

"What do we want?" one cyclist shouted, according to the source, and was greeted by dozens of cries of "Safer roads!"

In particular, the event was centered around a benefit for Brian Lindquist, a rider injured on his way to work when he was hit by a car in October, according to the source. Together, the cyclists hoped to raise money for his medical bills and promote a more general sense of safety for the city's thousands of fellow bikers.

This event demonstrates Austin's citizens' devotion to causes of all types. If you are hoping to move to a region with a strong community - bike-related or not - Austin should be high on your list.

Wounded Warriors
Another recent charitable event in Austin was extremely successful, and further shows the city's devotion to social and political causes. The Wounded Warrior Charity Event was held at Open Mortgage's flagship branch in Austin and ultimately raised $3,600 for the charity, which raises awareness and provides support for injured service members.

"We all came together for a worthy cause and we believe this money can help our Wounded Warriors get a better chance for recovery when they come home from their tour of duty," said Scott Gordon, CEO of Open Mortgage, according to National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

The funds were raised through a silent auction that featured items donated by local businesses. According to the source, all of the proceeds from the auction went directly to Wounded Warriors.

An active community
These two recent events - and the many more that regularly occur throughout the city - demonstrate Austin's devotion to good causes. If you are hoping to move to a city where there is no shortage of socially-minded events, Austin may be your best bet. In addition to Forbes' ranking as the fastest-growing city, Austin has received much recognition for its active community and desirable amenities, including a coveted spot on Kiplinger's list of the "10 Best Cities for the Next Decade."

As the population of Austin continues to grow, it is likely that the number of social and charitable events will multiply. Many Americans - especially younger ones - come to the city for just this reason, so it may be in your best interest to start exploring the housing market sooner rather than later.