Austin officials promote sustainability campaign

The environment is a concern in many cities and towns across the United States. Austin is no exception, and local officials are working with a variety of organizations to promote sustainability throughout the city. Those who check out the homes for sale in Austin can become active participants in these campaigns, as city administrators seek support from community members.

With the Positive Impact on Climate and Community Program, Austin officials hope to enhance the quality of life for local residents. The City of Austin's Office of Sustainability has partnered with Austin City Limits, C3 Presents, Circuit of Americas and South by Southwest to develop an initiative that emphasizes reducing the environmental impacts of city events. Additionally, the program's mission involves creating sustainability projects to help lower the emission of greenhouse gases at various projects that take place in Austin.

"The potential for this program to have a real and lasting positive impact on climate change is based on the strong public/private partnership involved," Austin City Manager Marc Ott said. "Our community will reap the benefits of this collaboration between local major event-organizers and city leaders."

The importance of sustainability initiatives in Austin
Austin officials have shown they are not afraid to tackle tough issues, including sustainability. The city's Office of Sustainability is currently involved in 40 initiatives and 150 projects to make improvements in various areas over the next two years.

For example, Austin Green Business Leaders is a local organization that encourages company owners to go green through eco-friendly campaigns. The group helps many business operators reduce their expenses and protect the environment with a Green Business Scorecard - a step-by-step guide people can use to green their companies.

The city's green roofs campaign offers an opportunity for property owners to improve the quality of their buildings. Austin provides credits for people who install vegetated roofs because these structures help reduce stormwater runoff.

It takes a communal effort to help the environment, and Austin officials, businesses and residents have shown that they are ready to improve the quality of the city. Through sustainability campaigns, local residents can enjoy living in an area that values the environment and wants to preserve the region's beauty.

By becoming an Austin resident, you can take part in the city's sustainability initiatives. Check out the homes in the area to explore the housing options available in this city.