Austin invites residents to participate in Google Places API Developer Challenge

While many residents might want to take steps to improve the local government, few may invest time and resources to make a difference. However, those who purchase one of the homes for sale in Austin have the chance to contribute in a unique way - the Google Places API Developer Challenge.

This program was created to help communities and governments improve how they make public information available to citizens. With innovative technology, participants can develop solutions to help these localities using the Google Places API, a web-based service that provides users instant information about places.

Austin city officials have considered three areas in which local developers might target - animal service, community engagement and participation tools and crime and public safety statistics. The challenge could bring out the best in locals, as residents might seek a variety of strategies to help improve access to information relating to the aforementioned areas.

"This is another excellent opportunity for the City to leverage Austin's large tech community to help us become more efficient with delivery of information," said Stephen Elkins, the city's Chief Information Officer. "This type of development project not only can make us more efficient but also improves upon our transparency and keeps our residents engaged in local government."

In fact, the Google Places API Developer Challenge further reflects Austin's increased focus on technology.

The impact of technology in Austin
While the aforementioned challenge delivers numerous opportunities to developers, new businesses further showcase Austin's growth in the technology sector.

For instance, The Austin American-Statesman notes that two software companies - Eloqua Inc. and Tasktop - plan to expand their offices in the city. This could lead to new job opportunities for Austin residents, and may help enhance the city's economy.

"We like to grow where our customers are growing, and that's what is happening in Austin," Susan Nagy, manager of talent acquisition at Eloqua, told the news source. "By opening a flagship office, our customers will have a place to come so we can work together more closely."

Neelan Choksi, chief operating officer at Tasktop, said his company intends to hire local employees after it opens an Austin location. Additionally, Eloqua plans to more than double its workforce for its North Austin office, the news outlet reports.

Technology is just one of the reasons Austin appears to be a booming community. Check out the houses for sale in this metro so you can explore the advantages of becoming an Austin resident.