Austin gears up for inaugural F1 race

Drivers, start your engines - Austin is putting the finishing touches on its preparations for its first-ever F1 race, which is scheduled to take place on November 18, 2012. F1 racing is new for many local residents, but people who live in the city or are pursuing some of the homes for sale in Austin could be significantly impacted by the event.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs told Reuters that she expects the race to generate approximately $220 million for the state. More than 300,000 visitors could come to Austin for the one-of-a-kind race, and many residents are excited about seeing the event.

State Senator Kirk Watson, a former Austin mayor, said he expects the event to bring a wide collection of people together. However, some residents have said they feel the F1 race is a sharp contrast to many events the city has hosted in the past.

"It's just another thing that makes Austin weird," Julie Loignon, a spokeswoman for Circuit of the Americas, told the news source. "Austin is very European, with its politics, its progressive thinking. People are going to come here, buy their boots, let their hair down, and they're going to have a lovely time."

Keep Austin Weird
An F1 race isn't the only event that distinguishes Austin from other cities in towns. Keep Austin Weird is a slogan for many residents because it reflects the city's unique culture and environment that make it attractive for many business operators and homebuyers.

For example, Steve Smaha, a clean-energy technology investor, told Pegasus News that Austin has become a hot spot for many oil- and gas-related startups. The city is also known for its clean-energy jobs, and there are roughly 16,000 positions in this sector.

Drillinginfo, an Austin-based company that provides information and analysis about oil and gas projects, reflects the Keep Austin Weird slogan because it took an innovative idea and transformed it into a successful business. The company began operating in 1999 and recently increased its workforce to keep up with customers' demands. Allen Gilmer, the business' CEO, said his company added 100 jobs in the past year and plans to add at least 150 new positions in 2013.

From its F1 race to some of its clean-energy companies, Austin stands apart from many cities and towns across the country. Take the first step toward becoming an Austin resident and check out the wide array of homes for sale in this city.