Austin brewery soaks up profits

Austin Beerworks, a brewery located in the north central portion of Texas' capital, is one of several local businesses that has had a successful first full calendar year of production. People who currently live in the city or are exploring some of the homes for sale in Austin may find that Austin Beerworks is a significant contributor to the community, and its success extends far beyond the walls of its headquarters at 3900 Industrial Terrace.

KXAN-TV reports that Austin Beerworks has seen its profits expand 400 percent in the past calendar year, and the company has larger goals for next year. Austin Beerworks owner William Golden notes that the brewery has won national awards for its craft beers, and he hopes his business will expand beyond the city in the future.

"People are really fired up about local products here. It's been a great ride getting this thing up and going and really having people love the product," Golden told the news outlet.

Additionally, Golden said the brewery soon plans to relocate to a new 6,500-square-foot warehouse so it can keep up with customers' orders.

"We can't produce enough beer to supply to even supply just Austin right now even though we're producing 5,000 barrel-range," Golden said.

Brewery encourages Austin residents to spread holiday cheer
Many Austin residents enjoy the craft beers supplied by Austin Beerworks, and another brewery in the region is allowing some citizens to support needy families during the holiday season.

On December 8, 2012, the 9th Annual Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer event will take place from 8 a.m. to noon. Harpoon Helpers will decorate playgrounds, shelters, soup kitchens and more. The event allows participants to help spread holiday cheer to 47 locations in 11 areas - everywhere from Windsor, Vermont, to Austin, Texas - and also provides gift cards to shelters that families can use to purchase holiday gifts.

In 2011, more than 600 people helped spread holiday cheer at 42 locations across the country, and Austin residents can help share the spirit of the season through this year's event.

Keep Austin Generous
Nonprofit organizations also help the local community, and the Austin Business Journal notes that among the top U.S. cities for nonprofits per capita, Austin ranks number 33. However, Leo Ramirez, co-founder of economic development nonprofit EDCO Ventures and MiniDonations, said he hopes to help the city improve its ranking during Keep Austin Generous week from December 15, 2012, to December 23, 2012.

"We're number one in everything, so why not giving," Ramirez told the news source.

The inaugural Keep Austin Generous week is designed to create awareness for the area's nonprofits. Ramirez is currently recruiting local businesses to offer 50-cent donation opportunities to customers or provide a minimum of 1 percent of their week's revenues to charity.