Are gas prices falling in Austin?

Some people travel during the holiday season, but recent data showed that gas prices in Austin have fallen in the weeks before Christmas. According to the Austin Business Journal, the average price per gallon in the Austin area dropped to $3.05 as of December 14, 2012, which is 20 cents lower than the national average.

Statistics show that gas prices have steadily declined over the past few months. In November, the average price per gallon was $3.19, and the current average is 0.9 cents lower than it was in December 2011.

"The drop in gas prices certainly has been well noted - in some instances people have been calling this a gas price crash," Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan told the newspaper.

However, DeHaan advises that there is no guarantee that gas prices will remain low, and notes that they could rise soon.

Long-term outlook for gas prices in Austin
Many Texas residents have enjoyed lower-than-average gas prices, and some experts expect gas prices to continue to fall.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that AAA Texas projects demand for gas to remain low at the start of next year. Reducing expenses is essential for many property owners, especially during a period in which some Americans are still recovering from the economic recession that hit the country in the late 2000s, and moving to Austin could prove to be a viable option for homebuyers.

Austin offers several attractive features that make it an ideal destination. The city is home to Dell, IBM and various major employers that continue to bring new jobs to the region. Additionally, the city is constantly improving, which is reflected in the construction of new buildings and the restoration of numerous existing properties.

In December 2012, building professionals transformed the old Intel Shell building into a new federal courthouse. KVUE-TV notes that the project required $123 million and three years of construction work to complete, and the property features eight courtrooms and chambers for 10 judges.

"This is the courthouse of the future. The entire building is run by computer - the lights, the temperature, everything," U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks told the news outlet.

The courthouse represents one of the many buildings that can provide new opportunities for Austin officials for years to come. Local administrators continue to search for ways to improve the city, and people who pursue some of the homes for sale in Austin may enjoy living in this metro.