Why homebuyers are looking into Atlanta's Inman Park

As Atlanta's first planned community, Inman Park offers the benefits of living in a community that was carefully designed for its residents while also experiencing the historical ambiance of a neighborhood built before the 1900s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this neighborhood has plenty of character for those searching for Atlanta property listings outside of the downtown area. If you are in the market for an Atlanta area home, this community should be at the top of your list.

Living in Inman Park Inman Park is situated two miles to the east of downtown Atlanta. As one of the first garden suburbs in the country, it is filled with beautiful flowers and fresh vegetation, which helps residents feel as if they have escaped the city.

Inman Park was established in the 1890s as a place to escape the city. It was built above Atlanta, and residents felt as though the fresh air would help keep them free of disease. Today, those historic homes still exist, standing as a stately remembrance of a time past.

The modern Inman Park is known for its diversity. Not only are the real estate in Atlanta quite diverse, but its shopping and dining establishments mirror that diversity as well. In fact, Inman Park is known as having some of the best dining options around, with many international restaurants that are favorites among the locals. The arts and theater crowd is also strong here.

Real Estate in Inman Park The vast majority of Atlanta property listings in Inman Park are historic properties. The architectural styles reflect the diversity of the community, and many of the properties have undergone major renovations over the past 50 years. Most architectural styles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be found in this corner of the Atlanta real estate market, including Italianate style homes, Romanesque mansion and Queen Anne estates. Foursquares and bungalows are also common.

Inman Park's diversity means you can find million-dollar estates here and cozy condos as well. The average sale price from December 2012 to February 2013 was $289,500. this was up eight percent over the same time last year. The average price for single-family properties is $684,730, with the average price for a condo or town home averaging about $220,000. These numbers are just slightly lower than the numbers for Atlanta as a whole. The number of sales this year is higher than the number of sales last year, which may indicate an increased interest in Atlanta real estate in Inman Park. If you are searching for historic Atlanta property listings, consider searching for a home in Inman Park. Its rich blend of historic estates and comfortable condos provide the homebuyer with plenty of selection, regardless of size, needs and budget, and all within a couple of miles of the downtown area. With a home in Inman Park, you can own a piece of history while staying close to the modern culture of downtown Atlanta.

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