Most Innovative Features for the Modern Day Kitchen

In a typical home, it's not the bedroom or living room that gets the most use. Aside from the bathroom, it's the kitchen that plays the most valuable role in any home. From being the gathering place for meals to the area where the mail is read and homework is completed, the kitchen is the home's most important asset. When you are selling your home in Atlanta, one of the top home selling tips to remember is to pay attention to the additions and innovative changes you make to your kitchen.

Adding Innovative Appliances

Potential buyers who walk into a kitchen and see updated appliances waiting for them are going to be more motivated to buy the house. If you are going to put some money into your home before you sell, and all the structural and cosmetic issues have already been addressed, then consider adding some innovative kitchen appliances.

One of the greatest trends in modern kitchen appliances is the trend of automation. For instance, the Futura Diamond Dishwasher does almost everything except load and unload itself. It will detect load size, close its own door automatically and even monitor performance to ensure your dishes have the best possible chance of getting clean.

As vital as appliances are in the kitchen, they are not always the most attractive item to look at. For this reason, some homes are embracing hidden appliances. The modern kitchen now has refrigerator drawers tucked inside the island, out if site when not used, appliances hidden within cabinets or stovetops built into the counter so they are virtually invisible. Adding a sparkling water dispenser to a refrigerator eliminates the need for a separate water cooler as well.

Features to Improve Efficiency

Another consideration when selling your home in Atlanta is adding features that will improve efficiency. Today's home chefs are busy people, and the more efficient the home's kitchen is when they are cooking, the more they will love it.

Often, changes that are made for efficiency are going to require thinking out of the box. For instance, if you can install a faucet right next to the stove, you'll never have to lug a pot of water from the sink to the stovetop again. Placing sufficient counter space next to the stove allows the chef to have ample room to chop and dice before tossing the food in the pan. Don't forget to consider adding an area for coffee or drink preparation, which may even include an additional sink if this project makes financial sense.  These types of additions will make a potential buyer stop and think carefully about your home and its benefits especially amongst luxury home buyers.  Efficient kitchens will help make your home stand out from the dozens that the individual has seen.

Many home selling tips will focus on cosmetic changes to make to your home more appealing. These are not bad ideas, but if your home is ready to be shown, take some time with your real estate agent to see if any innovative improvements can be made to this focal point of the home before listing it on the market. Additionally, if you want to get an idea of how much your home is worth, check out our ZipRealty Seller Center!


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