Is living Inside-the-Perimeter right for you?

Finding a home in Atlanta that offers the right size, features, and location can seem like a challenge, and this large city (and even larger metro area) offers virtually every housing type for almost any budget.  To narrow down your options, there is one question that is almost always asked during an Atlanta home search. Do you want to live Inside the Perimeter (ITP) or outside? It may seem like a personal decision, but choosing may have more to do with the type of home you can get, too. Before making a buying decision, consider the options available both OTP and ITP.

When Size Matters

A big decision for most people is size. Finding a home in Atlanta that is the right size for your family is essential. There are some homes in the downtown area that are larger, especially if you have a very high budget to work with when making a buying decision. Converted buildings into luxurious lofts might work. However, when it comes to square footage, you will get far more for your money when you live OTP. You get more room both inside and outside of your home. For the most space for your dollar, consider the suburbs instead.

Proximity to Amenities

Atlanta is an incredible city with plenty of sports, entertainment, dining, and other events taking place in the heart of the city. There's shopping at the highest level and some of the best fine dining establishments in the heart of the city. In some cases, you will be within walking distance of cafes and shops. In your Atlanta home search, this could be important to you. In some suburban areas, you will find this quaint charm available, but in most cities you will need a car to get you to and from the various locations.

Quality of Life

Here's where finding a home in Atlanta really does become a personal decision when it comes to location. When you live in the heart of the city, you have access to many of the finest restaurants and high-end boutiques. If that's important to you, then living ITP is going to be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you believe a high quality of life has to do with open spaces, soccer games with the kids, and family get-togethers in your back yard, the suburbs may be a better choice for you overall.

Some factors to consider include the following:

  • What are the schools like in the city you plan to live in?
  • What is your budget? If you do not have a large enough budget for city-life with all of the amenities, suburban life offers more flexibility.
  • Where do you work? If you work in the downtown area, ITP is definitely a benefit so you are close to home.
  • Where do friends and family live?
  • Does the commute matter to you?

By taking the time to ask these questions during your Atlanta home search, you can narrow down the options considerably. Of course, when working with an Atlanta real estate agent, you should spend time comparing the options in person. See homes both ITP and OTP to compare the overall lifestyle and amenities. Then determine which one makes you feel right at home. Ultimately, location is important when finding a home in Atlanta, but finding that one, dream home that offers everything ideally is more important.


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