Buying an Atlanta Home - Life in Cabbagetown

With high ranking schools and a short commute to the downtown commercial area in Atlanta, Cabbagetown is one of the city's many diverse neighborhoods that drawing in many who are buying a home in Atlanta. The community has an interesting history that makes owning a home here even more appealing to those who like properties with character. From its humble beginnings as an industrial settlement, Cabbagetown has grown into one of the most attractive communities in the city.

Humble Beginnings and Recent Growth

Cabbagetown was Atlanta's oldest industrial settlement with the Atlanta Rolling Mill and the Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills both playing a central role in developing the area during its early years. During the 1980s, an influx of artists, including the famous Panorama Ray, began flocking into the community. Drawn by its historic cottage-style houses with their picket fences and front porches, Cabbagetown quickly became a popular location to call home.  In 1996, after the community's rebirth during the 80s, Cabbagetown was converted into the largest residential loft community in Georgia, and these Atlanta homes are a favorite amongst business professionals and artists alike today. From its humble beginnings, Cabbagetown has grown into one of the most highly desired neighborhoods within Atlanta, especially for those looking for a comfortable place to settle.

Everything You Need Within Minutes

Whether you are catching a bite to eat at the popular Carrol Street Café or taking a walk to your favorite community park, like Harmony Park or Oakhurst Park, Atlanta homes in Cabbagetown are conveniently located near these amenities. The area's highly rated public schools are spread evenly throughout the neighborhood, so your kids can walk to school if you wish, and you'll probably find a park nearby as well. The main dining and shopping areas are also typically within walking distance of these homes.

Culture is paramount to life in Cabbagetown, and those who are buying a home in Atlanta who choose this neighborhood will never be far from cultural events, pieces of art and music festivals. Street art, which is found around the Krog Street Tunnel, highlights the skills of local artists, while the Chomp and Stomp bluegrass festival held each November brings people to the community to celebrate the music of the south. The eclectic shops along Carroll Street have several galleries in their midst as well.

Choosing the Right Atlanta Homes in Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown offers both spacious loft style apartments and historic single-family homes to those buying a home in Atlanta. You can also find newly constructed homes here, but rest assured they have been built to blend in with the historic ambiance of the community. No matter which you choose, you will benefit from being close to Atlanta and all of the amenities of Cabbagetown.

As you are considering which Cabbagetown home is right for you, plan to spend between $200,000 and $500,000 for a single-family property. Condos and town homes are typically a bit cheaper, with a cost between $150,000 and $300,000, depending on the location and size of the property.

Whether you choose Cabbagetown for its family-friendly features or because of its close proximity to Atlanta, making your commute simple, you will fall in love with the cozy community in this corner of Atlanta.


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