Atlanta will begin 2012 housing inventory analysis

The Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is taking steps to improve property values in the city. The National League of Cities (NLC) reports that local officials could use the data from a 2012 housing inventory study to gain a better understanding of the factors impacting homes for sales in Atlanta.

"With this comprehensive review of each neighborhood we will be better able to work with all stakeholders and identify plans that have the highest and most valuable impact," DPCD Commissioner James E. Shelby told the news source.

Experts will complete the survey in the fall, and could offer recommendations to bring investment opportunities to the area. Local officials said they hope to complete a market analysis for housing development and forecast real estate trends using empirical data, according to the NLC.

This study shows that the DPCD is working toward improving the housing market in the city, which could draw more businesses to the area, and making Atlanta more attractive to companies may help people boost the values of their homes in the future. Currently, you may be able to purchase one of many available homes in Atlanta for less than $112,000.