Atlanta ranks seventh among cities that spoil their kids the most

According to a recent survey by Bundle, Atlanta ranked seventh among cities that spoil their children the most. For affluent young families looking to lavish their kids, the houses for sale in Atlanta could be an attractive option for raising a family.

The final results of the study were derived by accruing spending data from households with children. Researchers examined the spending habits of these families on items such as toys, clothing and other services for tots, kids and teenagers. Based upon the data for children-related spending, Bundle suggested that Atlanta ranked 17 percent above the national average. New York City, Brooklyn and Miami were the top three cities on their list, with Manhattan leading the way at an astounding 90 percent above the national average.

"New parents learn early on that everything costs much more than they anticipated," author Barbara Hetzer told "And the expenses keep getting bigger as you go along."