Atlanta ranks among the 75 most dynamic cities in the world

A recent study predicted Atlanta would be the forty-eighth most dynamic city in the world by 2025, according to Foreign Policy. Prospective buyers looking for a vibrant and thriving city to settle down in for the long haul should check out the homes for sale in Atlanta.

The study, conducted by the Mckinsey Global Institute, ranked the cities based on projected growth of GDP in billions of U.S. dollars between 2012 and 2025. Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin headed the list. Atlanta's GDP is projected to increase by $141.7 billion by 2025, representing a 57 percent spike.

Researchers at the Institute also estimated that the population of Atlanta could grow to as many as 6.8 million residents by 2025. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Metro Atlanta region is currently more populous than 24 states.

"While this growth is certainly slower than what we became accustomed to in the '90s and 2000s, this pace is laudable in the face of the economic pressures we face," said Doug Hooker, the executive director of the ARC. "This blip in our growth pattern allows the region and our local governments to catch our collective breaths and prepare for the return of more typical growth."