Atlanta may divert funding toward pedestrian transportation

While many cities across the United States plan mass transportation upgrades on roadways, rail lines and bus routes, municipal officials often forget that many people commute by riding a bike or simply walking to work. These travelers need properly maintained bike paths and sidewalks to safely make their way around town. Luckily, the buyers of homes for sale in Atlanta may soon see millions of dollars in upgrades to existing travel infrastructure.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the city could have an estimated $94 million available to distribute toward varying community improvements if a July 31st proposal is approved. Residents are lobbying for the creation of a new multi-use path near the Silver Comet Trail as well as bike lanes along portions of Howell Mill Road.

The legislation calls for the implementation of a 1 percent sales tax to create these funds. The good news for Atlanta residents is that even if the rest of the state vetoes the bill, Atlanta may still be taxed as a region. So if the ten-county municipality votes yes, owners of homes for sale in Atlanta will soon enjoy these new transit initiatives.