Atlanta among most popular moving destinations

According to a recent study of the most popular cities to move to over the summer, Atlanta ranked third in the country, right behind Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Many burgeoning families and young professionals planning to move to the city should consider looking at the numerous houses for sale in Atlanta.

The United Van Lines survey analyzed domestic moves during the peak summer moving season, which sees more than 30 percent of all domestic household good moves in the country each year. The survey then broke down which major cities saw the most moving activity in terms of incoming and outgoing residents. The top two cities that saw the most incoming moves also saw the most residents leave, with Atlanta ranking fourth on the list of most outbound moves.

"Big cities always have more people moving in and out...but the recent moving trends indicate people and jobs are moving from frost belt to sunbelt regions," Michael Stoll, an economist and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, told the news source. "...Popular metropolitan destinations are those with lower housing costs, a highly educated labor force or that have growing or mature...sectors where job growth has been more robust than that of the rest of the economy."

Through these measures, it is easy to see why Atlanta ranked so highly. According to Inc Magazine, Atlanta has the fifth-largest number of fast-growing companies, when the statistic is measured by three-year revenue growth. This suggests that Atlanta hosts a rapidly growing economy and attracts companies that are on an upward trend. Growing companies have more available jobs, especially innovative companies in the IT or software sectors.

Similarly, according to a survey by Payscale, Atlanta was among the top 20 cities in the country for Generation Y members to move to, ranking 17th. Generation Y workers are a popular and accurate measure of a company's or city's growth potential and ability to attract young, talented employees. The study measured several factors that were important to this generation, including wage change over time, median pay, percentage of employees and commute time. With a 1.4 percent wage growth, a median pay of approximately $40,000, 20 percent of Generation Y employees and a relatively low commute time of 25.1 minutes, Atlanta received a high Generation Y city score. This generation also represents the demographic most likely to move, which makes sense as to why Atlanta ranks so highly among popular cities to move to.