Announcing ZipRealty's Housing Market Madness!

With four-leaf clovers and corned beef behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the next national pastime: March Madness. Whether you’re feverishly filling out your bracket and scheduling your life around big matchups, or you couldn’t care less about basketball, we’ve got our own version of March Madness that we’re launching tomorrow on our Facebook page!

About the ZipRealty Housing Market Madness Competition:
We recently released a report about the most affordable US housing markets for 2013. But just because a city is affordable doesn’t mean it’s desirable.

We decided to pit the top 10 cities against each other, and let you decide which city is both affordable and desirable. And just like its NCAA counterpart, we’ve got a bracket for you to fill out with your picks!

How to Participate:

  1. Fill out a bracket with your guesses about which city will come out on top as champion!
  2. Check our Facebook page daily for each day’s match-up - cast your vote by leaving a comment, and watch as you decide the winner!

The Players:

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth - topping the list is this large Texan city home to the Cowboys and amazing barbecue
  2. Houston - this #2 seed sits southwest of Dallas on the Gulf of Mexico and is famous for NASA’s Mission Control Center as well as the largest rodeo in the world
  3. Minneapolis - this half of the Twin Cities is instantly recognizable by its lakes, bridges and vibrant theater scene
  4. Orlando - this balmy city in Florida is bustling with resorts (including Walt Disney World), golf courses and tons of movie studios, making Orlando a “Hollywood East”
  5. Las Vegas - You already know about the lights and the casinos on the Strip, but Vegas is also home to some great museums, parks and a zoo
  6. Raleigh - part of the “Research Triangle”, this oak-filled city is home to tons of high-tech and bio-tech companies as well as a 30,000 square foot farmer's market
  7. Austin - known for its tech and startup companies as well as its live music venues and conferences including South by Southwest
  8. Denver - sitting under the Rockies, Denver has it all: incredible scenery and parks as well as a lively culture with great museums
  9. Nashville - unofficially the capital of the music industry, this Tennessee city is home to tons of students, artists and musicians
  10. Phoenix - this huge desert city is home to several universities, sports teams, resorts and golf courses

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