Android App 2.7: Tons of Great New Features, Including StreetSketch™

We’ve packed a lot of great features and improvements into this version of our Android app, including StreetSketch™, revamped Google Maps (now in 3D!) and the ability to swipe quickly through home photos. In other words, a whole lot of awesome.

StreetSketch™ is one of our most popular features on the iOS app, and so we’ve now made it available on the Android version. With this feature, you can draw right on the map for a totally personalized (and fun!) search experience. This is especially helpful if you’re searching for a home in a city with really different neighborhoods. You can get as specific as you want, outlining only certain areas and streets you’re interested in!

The updated Android app also has Google Maps v. 2. We won’t bore you with the geeky stuff about vector tiles, but you’ll see maps faster, in 3D, and they’ll be less of a battery drain: triple score! In addition to 3D maps, Google Street View is now back on the home detail page, so you can get a totally accurate picture of the home and area you’re looking at.

Here are some of the other upgrades and fixes we’ve released with this version of the app:

  • You can now swipe through home photos - woohoo!
  • It’s now easier for us to expand the app into new areas, so you see homes for sale in more cities even sooner
  • Facebook Login and the Share features are back up and running
  • Homes that have already been viewed will now appear gray on the map and faded in the search results list, and the home you have selected on the map will now display the price
  • We’ve also improved the map icons, improved scrolling through search results and made other UX improvements to make your search easier (and happier)

Let us know what you think of the newest version of our free Android app, and if you love it, be sure to rate the app!


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