8 Tips for Small Space Entertaining


Whether you’re hosting a holiday party this season or want to have more dinner parties next year, being in a small space shouldn’t stop you. While having an open floor plan or an outdoor area are great for entertaining, you can still pull it off, even in a tiny apartment. Here are 8 tips for how to host a gathering in your small space.


1. Just do it

The very first step to entertaining in a small space is to just do it! People are often intimidated because they can’t seat everyone at a table, or they worry if they’ll be enough room. With a little creativity, a lot is possible, so take the plunge and have a group over.


2. Rearrange the room

The most effective way to create more space is to rearrange your furniture. Move seating to the perimeter of the room to create more open space. Make sure there are a few places your guests can set their drinks, but stash any unnecessary pieces in your bedroom.


3. Get creative with your furniture

Just because you have a small table doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Set pieces of plywood on top of your table, cover the whole thing with a tablecloth and you have an elegant buffet. Serve drinks from a designated counter space. Fill your sink with ice and chill drinks from there.


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4. Create a good vibe

A good party is one that has a good atmosphere. Keep lighting a bit subdued, light candles or string some simple globe lights around the party area. Buy a bouquet of flowers or some plants to add some color. And always, always, always have a great playlist set up and ready to go at an appropriate volume.


5. Have people pitch in

Do you have a friend who loves to get crafty with decor? Ask for her help! Does your uncle know how to make one really great signature cocktail. See if he’d be willing to assist with the beverages, or even just print out self-serve instructions for guests. People love to feel useful and get involved!


6. Take it outside

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, host your party outside. Or, if you have a small outdoor patio or balcony, you can have drinks stationed there with a few chairs just to spread people out a little more.


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7. Serve appetizers

While you may love to cook, cooking a full meal for a large group is quite a feat, especially if you have a small kitchen. Prep some appetizers instead (you can even have your guests bring their favorite side dishes) and artfully arrange some snacks. Presentation is everything, even if it’s just a bowl of olives.


8. Spread seating out

Remember that people will naturally congregate around the food, and spread your seating out so that there’s enough room for people to move around. Cluster chairs in twos or threes and make sure there are a few side tables or coffee tables for guests to set their drinks on. If you have space to seat everyone at one table, go for it! But otherwise, let the party spread out.


Happy hosting!


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