3 Jaw-dropping House Tours

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s rainy and gloomy here in California, but this afternoon, we’re serving up three awesome house tours we stumbled across during the week.

1. Ultra-modern Los Angeles Home

Maybe it’s just the overcast weather, but the sunshine pouring into this sleek and minimalist abode has us wishing we were sitting by that gorgeous pool. See more of James Magni’s very cool (and very white) work on this LA home. Note: not suitable for toddlers or those prone to spilling cabernet. (Architectural Digest)

2. Old-fashioned Villa with an Extreme Paint Job

This German couple dared to paint it black. Graphite gray, to be precise. What many home buyers saw as kitsch, the Winterhalders saw as potential for a high-design living space. The house has a spare feel broken up by some well-placed pops of color. Bravo! (Dwell)

3. Tree Houses to Die For

Okay, so this is not one house, but seven tree house hotels. Why did I not know about this until now? I personally love this two-story tree house in Issaquah. It even has a spiral staircase! (Garden Design)

See you next week!