3 Great Cities to Buy the Green New Construction of Your Dreams

Find new green homes


Love the ecology and economy of today's environmentally friendly, efficient new homes? With help from the Mother Nature Network (MNN), we offer you the top three American cities to live a green lifestyle. The cities are also great options for those buyers looking for sustainable new construction, a practice many of us have gravitated towards in these days when both resources and the money to pay for them are becoming noticeably less abundant.

According to MNN, several key factors go into a municipal effort reduce carbon footprints. These include “air and water quality,” efficient recycling and waste management, a high percentage of LEED-certified buildings,” acreage devoted to green space, “use of renewable energy sources, and easy access to products and services” for green living, like “organic products, buying local, clean transportation methods,” etc.

Here are America’s top 3 green cities, and therefore smart places to look for green new construction.

1.Portland, OR

Portland commits to sustainability at every level of its infrastructure. It is the country’s most bikeable city, with 200+ miles of dedicated bike lanes. Trees cannot be cut down unless an equal number are replanted. People can take classes is everything from green gardening practices to home honey making and bee-keeping. Much of the city’s new construction meets LEED qualifications and a full court press on improving mass transit let more and more people leave their cars at home.

Portland is also a relatively affordable city. Check out the latest MLS for homes for sale in Portand, and choose “show only” from the new construction drop down menu if you want to focus on new, possibly green choices.

2. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is dedicated to eco-conscius living. From the city-wide expansion of the use of solar power to the ban on plastic bags, SF protects her natural resources. Famous for slow growth in general, any new construction in the city proper is heavily scrutinized for its carbon footprint.  You can search for new construction among homes for sale in San Francisco, most of which will come in the form of condos and townhomes (with a few single or multi-family homes as well), here.

3. Boston, MA

Boston has a city plan to be "Green by 2015," an effort that includes replacing traditional taxi cabs with hybrid vehicles, recycling trash to power homes, and using more solar power.  It is also already a very walkable and bikable city. To see the latest new construction that fits with Boston’s green goals, check out Boston homes for sale here. (Again, you’ll need to click “show only” on the new construction option in our detailed search tool.)

Also on the list (cities that ZipRealty serves are hyper-linked)

4. Oakland, CA

5. Eugene, OR

6. Cambridge, MA

7. Berkeley, CA

8. Seattle, WA

9. Chicago, IL

10. Austin, TX

Keep in mind that with today’s better understanding of sustainable building practices as well as the ecological and economical benefits of energy-efficient features in new homes, you won’t have much trouble finding green construction in any city you desire. Your  real estate agent may know of upcoming projects not on the market yet, so be sure to discuss all your greenest desires with your Realtor® as well.