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Ray Clayton
Ray Clayton
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"...During this whole experience, Mr. Clayton impressed me deeply with the following qualities and attributes:

1. Great respect for others. He was always respectful to me even though he was more senior in age and in experience. No matter how inadequate my opinions might have been, he would simply state the facts and share advice of expertise; he was never pressure-some or pushy as some others might have been in those situations.

More impressively, he always shew his respect for others as well including owners and selling agents of the houses we visited as well as competing buyers. I never heard anything from him that degraded or otherwise disrespected another.

2. Ready availability. During the 18 months, I could not remember a single instance when he was too busy for me. Naturally, having a family of his own and as a successful realtor, he has other commitments in place. However, he always responds promptly to my phone calls, requests for house showing, and inquiries about relevant things.

3. Lasting patience. Due to certain circumstances, I sometimes asked Mr. Clayton to show the same houses to me twice or even three times! Due to my lack of knowledge, I asked Mr. Clayton many questions of common sense. Regardless of the situation, Mr. Clayton was always patient with me. In fact, he was so patient that I sometimes felt quite guilty for all the extra inconvenience I caused him.

4. Exceptional knowledge. Mr. Clayton is a person of many talents. He is not only knowledgeable about his specific area of realty, but also knowledgeable about many other relevant areas, which came to be a great benefit to me.

5. High standards of honesty and integrity. During the past 18 months, I have noticed that Mr. Clayton is an individual of honesty and integrity. He never made up stories or manipulated facts. He never crossed the boundary of professional ethics. In fact, he was so honest that my feelings of precaution at the beginning of the 18 months transformed into a feeling of total trust towards the latter part of the 18 months.

6. Genuine care for customer. Even after the purchase transaction was closed, he still came to my aid on many occasions. He spent hours going to the city offices to clarify the confusion about our house address because at the time when the house was first built, another address was used while later road signs shows a different address. He spent a whole day going to stores buying and installing smoke detectors for me. The house was built with only two smoke detectors in the hallways. Mr. Clayton installed smoke detectors in every one of my five bedrooms, in addition to switching the existing ones in the hallways with more appropriate ones. He even helped me buy a chainsaw and made an extra trip just to teach me how to use the new saw. All the extra work he did for me out of genuine care - he did not have to do any of that, and he did not charge me a single cent for all that extra time spent.

As a customer, I feel that during the 18 months of my house searching experience, I have not only acquired a house of my choice, but also gained a friend of my trust. I give Mr. Clayton my highest recommendation to any other custome" - Taowen Le, Layton

"I enjoyed looking at homes with Ray, and we looked at a lot of them! I would recommend him for his knowledge; in the future, I would have him as my realtor again." - Ralph Berg
"Ray was wonderful to work with as he always answered any questions I had. I felt he was willing to go the extra mile so that I would be satisfied and confident about my final decision." - Misty Ramsey
"Ray was always professional and never tried to stray us from we wanted! He was more than a pleasure to work with and we will be recommending his services to anyone we can! We will be calling Ray when we decide to purchase another home." - Yoeru Kitamura
"Ray went out of his way to make sure we found the perfect house. It was difficult to find what we were looking for, but Ray never gave up and was always willing to go the extra mile!!!!" - Steven Mccullough
"Ray was great to work with, and he went above and beyond to help us get into our home. He kept us informed and gave us all the information we needed to make our decision. Ray was always available to answer all of our questions, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience in buying our first home. " - Don Flint
"Ray was very available and kept us informed." - Seller
"Ray was great to work with, not perfect, but then again, who is? If we ever buy another house, we would use him, he was great." - Steven & Heidi Feick, Farr West
"Ray went above and beyond our expectations of a realtor and helped us through the process. This is our first home and he helped us to find a good deal in an area we liked. I will recommend Ray to everyone I know looking because of his exceptional service." - Michael Tolman, Clearfield
"Ray is a complete professional. He responded quickly to my questions and spent all the time with me that I needed. He worked very very hard to make this transaction smooth. He is a credit to ZipRealty and to his profession." - Karin Ann Bennett
"He was a very good agent. He was patient and did his job extremely well. He was not pushy and wanted to make sure that we were satisfied with what we bought." - Buyer
"Ray was a great agent: very patient and did not try to press any of the houses on me." - Buyer, Clinton
"My purchase was somewhat unusual, and I really appreciated the way Ray was able to work me through all the twists and turns. He kept me informed throughout the process and was very prompt at answering all my calls and getting answers to all my questions. He was great, and I would recommend him to anyone." - Richard Burris
"Ray was always attentive to my needs related to the sale of the house. He was always available and communicated with me whenever there was a need." - Electronic Data Systems Llc, Layton
"Ray is the best realtor I could have imagined. He helped make our home buying experience a complete pleasure. He was prompt with his response time, and was totally knowledgeable about home buying in general." - Landon Irvine, Clinton
"Very knowledgeable agent, who answered all of my questions. If he didn't have the answer, he would find it and get back with me. Also very flexible in regards to my hours at work. Anytime I needed to see a place, he arranged it in a very short amount of time, and was always on time to the showings. Very good agent!" - Buyer, Clinton
"Ray is an amazing realtor. He helped us find the perfect home and I never felt pressured to buy any of the homes we looked at. Because of his knowledge of construction he gave good quick appraisals on the condition of the homes we looked at. After we made an offer on a home, he worked hard and quickly so that we closed on our home in about 3 weeks. I can't imagine the process going any smoother or better." - Jesse Farb, West Point
"Ray worked very hard to see that I was able to see all the houses I requested. He was vey dedicated to helping me find the right home. I worked with him for one and a half years and would work with him again on my next purchase. I will recommend him to anyone that I know is looking for a home." - Buyer, Clinton
"Ray was "hand picked" by me and exceeded even my expectations. He was always on top of the project and made a very difficult buying situation a smooth transaction. I would recommend him to anyone and have! Ray even represented the seller without monetary compensation." - Lana Warner, Perry
"Ray was excellent to work with, he made us feel comfortable and he got to know us and understand the type of house we were looking for. We couldn't have asked for a better agent to work with. Ray did a great job!" - Stephanie Martin, Clearfield
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