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Andrew Saldana
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Overall star rating: 4.8
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 4.8
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Condo buyer in Seattle
Purchasing a home is no easy task, which is why it was so refreshing to have Andrew's real estate experience at our disposal to help us navigate the complexities of the negotiating/offer process! We're super excited for moving day today! If you're contemplating buying or selling your property I would strongly recommend reaching out to Andrew for assistance with all your real estate endeavors!
Prospective buyer
Andrew is fantastic. Although we have not yet fully closed, I felt compelled to write a review before time passes and I forget this exceptional experience and service. There was a lot going on in both our, and his, lives at the time of our purchase. He always was able to make time for us, even stopping for a showing on his way to dinner long after office hours. He really was a pleasure to work with and we enjoyed spending time with him. He was able to work well with all the parties involved and able to adjust according to the needs of the party with which he was communicating. At this time, the market is *extremely* competitive and difficult. We put offers on three houses in total. Luckily, we didn't get the first two because the third and final offer was on our dream home. Andrew was patient, and did not attempt to push us into anything that was too expensive, or try to get us to offer more than what the houses were "worth" or what we could afford. In fact, he was the opposite, supportive, level headed, and cautious - encouraging us to be patient and not give up while keeping in perspective the reality and necessity of an above-asking offer, considering the market conditions. In the end, we got the house we wanted in the most competitive market Seattle has seen, maybe ever, for a fair price. We had some other factors working to our advantage, but our's was not the highest offer. This is at a time when we wondered if we just might not be able to by because the market is so strong, and we didn't want to fall victim to a "bubble'. However, with some guidance and sage advice from Andrew we were able to navigate our first home purchase without incident, and I do believe he encouraged us to "do the right thing" when it came to how much the final offers were in each case, considering the property must appraise and stand up to the market in the future, not just in the hot months May or June, 2015. He struck a nice balance between emotional and practical considerations. Last, he facilitated a "mobile closing" so my family didn't miss our once a year family vacation. He assisted in helping us coordinate some light renovations and find contractors, arborists, and of course inspections, etc. He was generally knowledgeable and smoothly facilitated the most MAJOR purchase that will occur in our lifetime. He has helpful insight and also was gracious and accountable when things didn't go our way, or when he could've done something a little better. This is a quality I appreciate and respect - not something always found in this or any business. I absolutely would recommend Andrew Saldana for your real estate needs.
Home buyer in Seattle
Andrew did a great job navigating me through this stressful process. I'm a first time buyer so I was green in my new journey. My case got even more stressful going through FHA. Andrew with his expertise made it easier by taking on some of the behind the scene complications. Thank you Andrew!!! I love my new home!!!
Home buyer in Burien
Andrews knowledge during the whole buying process was very helpful. He was always there with the answers to any of our questions. He made what can be a difficult process go smooth.
Home buyer in Kent
Andrew did a great job at marketing our home and was able to sell our house within the first few days of listing. He listened to our concerns and always did was in our best interest. He always offered his professional opinion and humble advice which we truly valued and appreciated. I highly recommend Andrew as an agent.
This is the second home purchase that my husband and me have made and it was a much better experience this time around due to the professional capabilities of our agent, Andrew. He listened to our concerns and was not afraid to step up and have difficult conversations with the selling agent. Andrew always communicated well, always friendly, organized, timely, and dependable. He was realistic with what we should expect and he did a great job at gauging the other party. I highly recommend Andrew.
Home seller in Des Moines
If you have plans to sell your property and don't know where to begin, Andrew is your best resource! This was my first experience of selling a house. With Andrew's help and expertise, I was able to close escrow on schedule, in less than a month. Urgency was of utmost importance because I lived out of state and my property was converted to a rental. I didn't want to continue to rent out because it posed a signficant stressor in my life and I didn't want to make any more mortgage payments while the house was vacant. The best option was to attempt to sell and see if it would be a success. I truly could not have done this without Andrew and I honestly believe that had I gone with a different agent, the outcome of my experience would be different (i.e., not 5 stars). The things that stood out most about Andrew was his great marketing skills, willingness to answer all questions (minor and major, believe me, I had many) promptly and thus his expansive knowledge about the market, and his genuine interest in addressing my concerns and meeting my needs. Because of these qualities, I valued his feedback and didn't question anything he was doing to accomplish the end goal. To summarize the process, Andrew formulated a cost market analysis just to provide me an idea of what was to come ahead should I decide to move forward in selling, hired a professional photographer to take pictures of my property (they were amazing!), was able to get 8 offers over a weekend's period, moved from one step to the next efficiently, made the obstacle of signing agreements/documents obsolete with his electronic signing software, negotiated to lower the price for one of the major necessary repairs, and kept me well informed regularly and very involved in the decision making. Of course the process was not without some temporary drawbacks. But because of Andrew's strengths and my confidence in him, even in the midst of these bumps in the road, there was not one moment during which I felt stressed out. Stress was the last thing I needed living out of state, specifically overseas, and selling my property. In the end, a tremendous financial and emotional burden was lifted off my shoulders. I even received more profit than I anticipated from the sale. Because of Andrew, I was able to sell my house for more than I or the cost market analysis projected. In the end, I was extremely happy and had no regrets of making the decision to sell. Andrew met and exceeded my expectations. I am a very satisfied and appreciative client.
Home seller in Seattle
Andrew really made the technical language of real estate understandable in every day english. Was very quick to respond to any questions we had. Very open and honest with what was going on. Had a great feel for the housing market as to when is a good time or a better time to be active. Great experience for my first time and will go back to him when we are ready to buy.
Home buyer in Seattle
Andrew was nothing short of a miracle for my husband and I. We began the process of looking for a house, and then had to stop due to personal reasons. He was completely understanding and professional, and when we were ready to pick the search back up he was with us 100%! He cut his schedule short on many a day to rush us to see a house we wanted to see, and guided us through the offer process more than once. We ended up purchasing a short sale home, which is a lot of work, time, and wait, and he was fantastic at just checking in to keep us updated and calming our fears when we would (inevitably) freak out. Five months later, he brought us the keys to our home and had a glass of champagne with us on the doorstep! His attention to detail is immaculate, as is his good spirit. I can't recommend him enough!
Condo buyer in Seattle
We worked with Andrew on a short sale. We live out of town so we were completely dependent on Andrew to represent our interests with the bank. The process took 8 months, but he did not lose heart. He kept on them and kept us informed of what was going on. I completely trust Andrew and value the knowledge and guidance he provided us. We will continue to call upon him for future transactions.
Home buyer in Seattle
Andrew is very personable, professional and always prompt with his communications.
Home seller in Federal Way
I am a former real estate agent trained in Beverly Hills many ears ago and having worked at John L Scott in the 80s. I have seen the best and Andrew Saldana is up there with the best of the best. He is knowledgeable, well informed, honest, direct, always available to respond to me in a timely manner, communicates very well and keeps on top of all details of the transaction to the end. I am very impressed with Andrew.
Home buyer in Tacoma
I was completely happy with the service I received from Andrew. I felt that he always put in 110% of his effort and attention towards my sale, even though I'm sure he had other clients. He was in constant communication with the listing agent and other involved persons. He was almost always available to answer any questions that I had, and if not, he got back to me very promptly.
Condo buyer in Des Moines
Andrew is very helpful and responsible guy who work aggressively to accomplish his customer satisfaction, and always available when we need him. The most knowledgable and friendly guy I ever seen.
Condo buyer in Kent
He worked hard finding a place that fit my living idea space based on the budget I was working with. In addition, quickly preparing and answering any of my questions.
Home buyer in Camano Island
Andrew was awesome! We met him in Seattle when we were thinking about buying there, and we decided to buy further up north. Not only did he continue to stick with us, but he went out of his way in helping us accomplish our goal. If we ever look into buying another house in the area, we will for sure be getting a hold of Andrew!
Home buyer in Des Moines
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Condo buyer in Lynnwood
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Home buyer in Auburn
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Condo buyer in Seattle
Our loan going through was quite a painful process, due to things out of our control. Andrew was the only reliable part of this entire experience. As first time home buyers, he took the time to answer our questions and made us completely comfortable. He followed up on every question we had, even ones that did not involve the purchase of our home. When we are looking for our next home, Andrew will be the Agent we use.
Condo buyer in Mountlake Terrace
Andrew was excellent in helping me pursue the property I wanted for a long time. He put himself in my shoes and evaluated the situation best for my interests. He was very open to suggestions and responded quickly to my requests. He didn't push me to make the decision I didn't want to make but objecctively presented the facts to me and helped me to make the best decision possible. I really appreciate his help. Prior to him, I had worked with another agent, but the other agent couldn't finalize this purchase for me and made inappropriate judgements. I would recommend Andrew to anyone as I believe he would work hard, give wise recommendations and excellent services to his customers.
Home buyer in Bothell
Andrew took over while John was on vacation and did a very good job.
Home buyer in Seattle
Andrew worked with us for over a year to find the right house. He was at all times courteous, polite, and professional. Andrew's calm and focused attitude made working with him a pleasure. I would highly recommend Andrew for anyone who wants the best possible customer service and a very knowledgeable real estate agent. Andrew's ability to find exactly what we were looking for and his patience make him the kind of agent I will use if I ever buy another property in the Seattle area. I will also recommend him to everyone I know looking for an excellent agent.
Condo buyer in Seattle
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Home buyer in Seattle
Andrew was referred to me by a friend. My friend couldn't say enough good things about Andrew: how he was patient, and knowledgeable, well prepared, and diligent. Andrew did not dissapoint. I am a first time home buyer and Andrew made this process as painless as possible. I am impressed with the service I received by working with Andrew and feel 100% confident in recommending his service to a friend or family member.
Home buyer in Des Moines
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Condo buyer in Lynnwood
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Home buyer in Des Moines
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Condo buyer in Seattle
He seemed to do the minimum required of him, and anything beyond that needed me to keep asking him about. It took me weeks to get even simple questions answered (do they allow satellite dishes, for example), not to mention bigger questions like details of the warranty that the seller included in their offer, or who the contractor was who did some work in other units. While the main portions of his duties as an agent went fairly smoothly (preparing and submitting offers and counter offers, setting up inspections, etc) I got the feeling that he wasn't really devoting more than a basic amount of time to my case.
Home buyer in Seatac
We are impromptu people at times and Andrew was available to us at a moments notice. That helped us tremendously due to the fact that we travel in and out of Seattle often and have limited free time.
Home buyer in Issaquah
i wasn't able to use the rebate towards the closing cost.
Home buyer in Seattle
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Home buyer in Tacoma
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Home buyer in Seattle
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