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Tim Thornton
Tim Thornton
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Closed client rating: 4.9

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"Tim was simply awesome! He was very knowledgeable and always a step ahead of every question. We can't say enough about him or our experience! We just purchased our last home and what a way to do it. Tim is definitely an asset to question about it! " - Buyer
"Tim exhibits the utmost in professionalism and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He truly seems to enjoy what he does. He has a passion for it and it shows. He is also committed to helping his clients find the right fit. There were so many times that he could have "sold us" on a more expensive property, but he was always very focused on how we felt about the property and our needs." - Adrienne So-Ying Fan, Austin
"Tim was calm, creative, knowledgeable, was amazing. I absolutely could not be more satisfied with Tim Thornton, and would happily be a reference for him. I will use him again and again and again." - Jani Saliga
"After working with Tim on this sale and previous dealings he is still in my opinion one of the best, or the best Real Estate Agent in the Austin market." - Lee Smith, Investor Builder
"He's not only good with the negotiation (for price and repairs on the property) during the purchase but his after sales service is the best we've ever had! Great job Tim!" - Investor Buyer, Cedar Park
"We enjoyed our experience with Tim for his expertise and professionalism. He was always pleasant and patient and it was a pleasure to know him." - Buyer, Austin
"Tim was great. We were very impressed and happy to work with him. He was committed, worked hard and made everything easy." - Pat Roberts, Austin
"I can't imagine someone being a better realtor than Tim Thornton. He is exceedingly conscientious, hard working, knowledgeable (on just about everything) and caring; he works seven days a week, and even on some holidays. Where did you find this guy; he's one in a million. Most importantly, he is committed to find you the home that you truly want; he won't let you settle for less; nor does he push you or make you feel uncomfortable that the process is taking longer than it should. He cares about you being happy with your decision; he understands how big of a decision this is for you.

At one point in the process of looking for the "perfect" home, I started to get carried away with a builder's model that was considerably over my budget. The home had some issues and did not satisfy some of my needs, but it really was a spectacularly beautiful home, and I wanted it. After many days of looking and not finding what I wanted I was ready to put in an offer; even though it was not the right home in some important respects. Tim could see that I was ready to pull the trigger and make an offer, but Tim didn't share my same level of enthusiasm and it bothered me. At one point Tim looked at me and said, "Robert, are you sure this isn't going to be too much home for you?" That remark, brought me instantly back to earth and caused me to refocus and evaluate my thinking; Tim was 200% correct; it would have been a bad decision and he could see it. Any other realtor would have picked up on my enthusiasm and put me under contract immediately; but not Tim. Like I said, he is one in a million." - Robert Coulson, Cedar Park

"Tim was always able to provide perspective and facts to us a sellers. The Zip team did as much as any broker can do to market and sell our home." - Brenda Howell, Austin
"Great agent... again!" - Buyer, Cedar Park
"Tim was a big help to us. He is also very knowledgeable, eager to help and friendly." - Buyer, Round Rock
"Tim is an honest and moral agent which is probably why he is so successful even during these tough times for real estate." - Emerson Smith, Austin
"Tim continued to push on, despite the challenges of buyer indecision, offer rejection, and various roadblocks. He stayed true to the mission to find us a home that we were delighted to buy. In the end, despite many more process challenges, we are in the home the we wanted, thanks to Tim." - Buyer, Austin
"Without Tim's help, I do not believe we would have found a home that had everything we wanted that was in our price range. We also did not think that we could purchase a new home and were looking at used. The home we decided to buy was brand new and we would never have seen it if it were not for Tim suggesting we take a look at it." - James Wood, Austin
"Tim did an outstanding job for us in all aspects.Very professional." - Buyer, Round Rock
"Tim worked very hard for me and with endless patience. He responded quickly any time I wanted to see a home or ask a question. I would be confident to recommend him and ZipRealty to my friends." - Elizabeth Beil, Round Rock
"My parent's bought 2 homes with Tim and I will use him again also, in the future." - Destini Ratliff, Cedar Park
"This is the second house we bought with Tim. We are so happy with his great service, that our daughter is buying her 1st house next week with Tim." - Buyer, Round Rock
"I would highly recommend Tim. He worked hard to find the right property and then stayed with us to quickly negotiate the best deal." - Edwin Young, Austin
"This is my second home purchase using Tim and as before he is probably one of only a few agents in Austin that knows what is going on in the Austin Real Estate market. A real professional!" - Lee Smith, Cedar Park
"Tim was very instrumental in getting the buyer of my old house's lender on track...Tim spent hours on the phone with him trying to persuade him to do his job!" - Janet Mcnutt, Austin
"Tim went above and beyond in representing us. He followed up with our builder on our behalf on several occasions and ensured that all issues were properly and promptly addressed. Every aspect of the deal was fully explained in layman's terms, and Tim ensured that both my wife and I were completely satisfied with his explanations before ending the conversation. I'd happily buy a house through Tim again and would recommend him to anyone in the market." - Jonathan Hickman
"We would highly recommend Tim as an agent for the Austin area. He was very accommodating and helped guide us to the perfect home. If he didn't know about something, he would get back to us very quickly with the answer! Tim is an all-around good agent and good guy!!" - Gunther Allen, Austin
"I would be thrilled to recommend Tim Thornton to anyone who needs a realtor. We could not have asked for a better agent!" - Jo Youngs, Gilbert
"He was very patient and was not pushy. He did not waste our time with houses that did not fit what we wanted. I would and will work with Tim again very soon." - Buyer, Round Rock
"Tim is a wonderful agent to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!" - Elizabeth Brown
"We met Tim via the Internet and then via phone from California. He was invaluable as our family made the decision to move to Austin, and he was very patient as my husband and I made multiple trips to see Austin areas and homes. No pressure! We would highly recommend Tim to any friends who might be following us to Austin as their new home!!" - Jenny Rosas
"Mr. Thornton was a pleasure to work with. He responded to every phone call and/or email, almost within minutes. Had an intelligent response for everything we queried about, was incredibly diligent with respect to every detail of our home purchase, from questioning the inspection report, commenting on potential problems, resolving issues as they arose (and unfortunately, too many issues arose), and making us feel completely comfortable and at ease with his expertise and professionalism. In addition to doing his job as a Realtor, Tim proved to be a great person to be around. We would recommend Tim to anyone we knew who was interested in either purchasing or selling a home. He is an asset to Zip Realty." - John E. & Cirlei E.
"From day one, Tim completely facilitated all our needs during our relocation and was invaluable in our search for the right home. We couldn't be more pleased with Tim and the outstanding service he provided." - Buyer
"Tim was great at keeping us informed and prepared for the next step and also managing the contract and closing. He was also always available even with last minute requests to see properties. We appreciate Tim's availability, integrity and knowledge." - Jon Weatherly
"I had two different buyer's agents tell me directly that Tim was doing an unusually good job representing me as they pointed out that he consistently called the buyer's agents for follow-up and immediately called them back to answer any questions they had. They said that it is rare to see such responsiveness and pro-activeness in the industry." - Lou Gagliardi
"Tim is a thorough professional. He has been there for us throughout the process. He knows his job and has pointed us in the right direction. He has been very patient, responsive and honest in the way he has conducted business with him. Austin was a new city for us but with Tim we feel that he showed us all the options before we made the decision. His help throughout the process was exceptional. In future (god forbid if we have to sell) we will definitely work with him." - Buyer
"Tim did a great job... Tim was always there to answer our questions. The overall experience was very good." - Buyer
"Tim was a very thorough Agent and a good friend. He saw to all our needs and questions. There was no stone left un turned." - Kim Hackney
"I'm very happy that I was able to deal with such a wonderful person such Tim. He is professional, knowledgeable and a very caring person. I can't say anything wrong about him. He was always there for my questions and insecurities of buying a house. He guided me through it all and advise me in many things that I was not aware of. It was a pleasure working with Tim and I'm very happy with my new house. Thank you." - Blanca Favorite
"You can't go wrong working with Tim..." - Pat Hennigan
"Just wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed working with you.

We are closing on our house today in Kansas City and the Realtor there that we are working with is not near the professional that you are!" - Buyer

"WE found Mr. Thornton to be very helpful and knowledgeable in our endeavor to buy a home. He went out of his way to get us the best deal possible. Kudos to ZipRealty for having such friendly and sincere agents." - Azra & Latief Khan
"Tim Thornton is a good example of what a Real Estate Agent should be! There are very few Agents that would stack up to Tim. Very Professional! His assistance in a strange market made it easy to find the Real Estate we needed." - Bridget Smith
"I love the way Tim helped us. He made me feel like I was the only client that he was representing. He had a lot of patience with us... Thank you Tim." - Buyer
"We are very happy to have Tim Thornton who guide us efficiently in choosing our new home. Thank you so much." - Jonna Wilson
"...thanks to Tim getting us with the right people, everything went so smoothly and we love our new home." - Vicki Day
"Tim was just great at getting things done when I asked. He kept me informed all the time on up dates on the house and when I asked him something and he did not know the answer he found out what the answer is right away and got back to me. He is great and I would give my friends and family his number." - Dewaine Hill
"He was very thorough." - Buyer
"Tim was a huge help in buying my home! He provided all the advice I asked for and more knowing I was a novice in buying a home. He went out with me many nights/weekends and always had time for me either on phone calls or meeting with me. I would highly recommend Tim and Zip to everyone I know!" - Mike Forsythe
"...I had a million questions and Tim took the time to answer every one of them and walked me through the entire process. I couldn't have asked for a better agent to work with throughout the house hunting and buying process. Tim was awesome. " - Ashley Ricketson
"Tim and Kevin were great. They were very responsive and were very straight-forward during the entire process. I would definitely use them again." - Seller
"Tim was very responsive and thorough in answering all of our questions, and taking care of the various situations that arose in the purchase of our condo." - Buyer
"Tim is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy agent. He is committed to ensuring his client has all the information he or she needs before closing a contract. When it came down to completing the transaction, he was a pit-bull in all aspects of the deal, following up on all of the commitments everybody made to make the sale happen. Overall, Tim is an A+ agent and I'll work with him again and again." - Buyer
"This agent was very helpful and listened to all of my needs as a buyer. He was always available and returned phone calls in a very timely manner. He also kept in touch throughout the whole process." - Amanda Martinez
"I would definitely recommend Zip and Tim Thorton to my friends and colleagues." - Seller
"Tim was wonderful in every aspect. From the very beginning of our search he was always there to help and patient with our specific requirements for our new home." - Denise Cole
"Tim has been very helpful throughout the buying process. We are very satisfied with his real estate knowledge. He even acted as our proxy during our overseas visit and did not let us feel that our absence is any handicap in the closing process." - Muhammad Asif Shiraz
"As a Real Estate Investor, I had been successful buying and selling properties without the use of an agent, however, on my most recent transaction I called on Tim Thornton from ZipRealty. Tim took care of everything, reminded me of when I needed to take action, taught me quite a few things that I did not know about selling a house and developed a sound strategy that brought a contract on the house in 8 days and closed. Tim is the best I have seen in this industry and will use him from now on." - LG, Austin, TX - Seller
"Tim is an outstanding Realtor. He was always available and very professional " - Helen Gnuechtel
"Tim is very much attuned to his clients and always seams to have time to work with any problems you might have. He is also extremely good at following up on any potential buyer's leads and always tries to up-sell your property with the potential buyer and buyer's agent. I would always recommend Tim as a listing or buyer's agent." - Seller
"Tim's experience was extremely helpful for us given our lack of homebuying experience. He advised us with knowledge and allowed us to take on this endeavor with confidence." - Adrienne So-Ying Fan
"To anyone looking for a really friendly, knowledgeable and an all around good guy real estate agent, you need look no further because Tim Thornton is your man. He works hard for you and will answer every question you have in a professional and friendly manner. He is up front and honest, and will tell you reality not fantasy when it comes to buying/selling your home. I highly recommend Tim as an agent and will recommend him to all my friends/colleagues in the Austin area." - Seller
"Tim was a great agent. He was always willing to meet and show us houses in a prompt manner. Tim gave us great suggestions and guided us through the whole process." - G. Olinger.
"Tim Thornton is a wonderful agent, very helpful and very knowledgable in his feild" - Mike Rodriguez
"Tim was very on top of things, and he didn't try to 'sell' me. He informed me and helped me with the process, which is exactly what I wanted. He was always on time and willing to meet me at any location. His emails of new postings were extremely helpful." - Sarah Whited
"Working with Tim, made our experience much easier here in Texas. He was very knowledgeable and accessible at all times. I was very pleased to have a realtor like Tim." - Alba Helms
"Tim was completely professional, answered all my questions and was very positive throughout the whole experience." - Joan Killebrew
"As we searched online for homes, we happened to "save" homes via ZipRealty and Tim Thornton. After many, many virtual home searches, Tim contacted us via email and asked if we were looking to buy in Austin.

Living in Los Angeles, CA, we knew very little to nothing about living in Austin, TX, but the city looked appealing to us.

From our first telephone conversation with Tim, we knew we were in good professional hands. He knew Austin, he knew the housing market, the schools, and he knew how to work with out of state clients.

Between August 2009 and December 2009, my husband and I visited Austin several times to look at residential areas and specific homes. Tim made himself available to us each visit, with patience and professionalism.

As we decided on a brand new home from a renowned builder, Tim did all the negotiations on our behalf. Essentially he said a price that we were comfortable with, and the builder agreed. This was a pretty painless process for us.

While we were not his only clients, Tim made us feel like we were.

Tim's online blog is also a wonderful resource of information about Austin and the real estate market! We continue to read it even after we've purchased and moved into our home!

We highly recommend Tim Thornton as a real estate professional." - Jenny and John R.

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