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Deepak Prabhakar
Deepak Prabhakar

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"Deepak worked with us to buy a property in Santa Clara a few months back. The property was a bank owned property and there were some errors with ownership that the title company did not catch during the purchase.

Later when we received a letter from the county letting us know that we could not take title due to the error we contacted the title company. I let Deepak know of the problem. For the last 2 months Deepak followed up weekly with the title company to make sure the problem was taken care of. At this stage Deepak was no longer officially working with us as the purchase was completed.

We are very thankful to Deepak for his hard work. As buyers, Deepak looked after our interests and worked to make sure everything went smoothly. We would definitely work with Deepak again and would recommend him to anyone needing a good agent to work with." - Margaret, Santa Clara

"Deepak was great to work with. Never too much pressure, however willing to help and provide needed advise when required." - Santhosh Krishnankutty
"My name is Senthil and I purchased a property recently through ZipRealty. My experience overall was very good and I was happy with my agent Deepak Prabhakar. He was very flexible and prompt in getting back to me (within 24 hours I will get a response) and he was knowledgeable with respect to the questions related to home purchasing process - he answered the questions and also explained most of them why it is done in one way or other. I will be more than happy to refer him to my friends when they are looking for homes and also the web site was very easy to use..." - Senthil
"Deepak was outstanding throughout my first buying experience. He explained everything, the process, strategy etc. to get me in this home. He is without question top notch." - Richard Rodriguez
"I write to show my appreciation of the service Deepak rendered to me as a buyers agent. Deepak is an exemplary agent and above all of the most personable and very knowledgeable agent, I have had the pleasure to work with. He is always willing to help and goes beyond his responsibilities to help me with the transaction. I will recommend Deepak to anyone who contacts me for an agent." - Shiby
"I am a client of Deepak Prabhakar. I wanted to give you my positive feedback on Deepak. Deepak is a good and honest real estate agent. Because I've been looking to buy a townhouse for 7 months and have seen quite a number of townhouses before I switch to Deepak as my agent. Therefore, I was already familiar with the process and it was an easy experience working with Deepak. It only took about a months and a half for him to help me complete from writing up an offer to closing escrow. Deepak also kept his promise. He promised to helped me fix my garage door opener if I can't get the home warranty to fix it. As an result, he wrote me a check to cover the cost of a new garage door opener and I am very happy about that. Overall, my home purchase experience with Deepak is very good and I definitely would recommend Deepak to my friends/relatives in the future for their home purchases." - Philana Le
"Deepak was outstanding throughout my homebuying experience. I highly recommend him to any buyer/seller." - Buyer
"We wanted to thank you for your help and support in getting us our dream home. We really appreciate your dedication and hard work that helped us get our dream home. You have always been there at each step of the entire process. This is our first home but the process went very smoothly because you were there to help us at each process.

We will recommend your name to our friends who are still in search of their dream homes." - Devajyoti & Rebeka Roy Chowdhury

"I had the privilege of working with Deepak Prabhakar for purchasing our house.

Deepak was very helpful during the course of entire process and was never pushing forward towards a close of sale. On the contrary, he recommended us to take time and understand everything completely before we took a decision on our purchase.

Deepak also made himself available for the inspections to ensure that the jobs are well done.

After the purchase, Deepak came over and showed me the important things that we need to take care of. He also provided important tips like the need to change the locks, etc. In fact, there were some things like problem in the garage door on which he suggested the way to fix. He didn't have to spend time on such things, but he took time and ensured that we are not clueless after our move.

As our purchase, the seller rented back the house for a month, during which they stole the refrigerator and made a mess of the house. Deepak tried his best to contact the seller's agent and raise the point about the bad state the house was left in. (We didn't manage to get anything positively done as the seller turned out to be a crook, so did his agent).

We would like to thank Deepak and the team at ZipRealty for their help in our purchase of the house. I would like to personally thank Deepak by valuating his services at 11 out of 10." - Buyer

"Deepak is a very committed agent. When we started, he had an injured leg, but still would come show properties to me (on crutches). I will always treasure his help in making my dream come true." - Buyer
"Deepak helped us a lot during our home purchase. He explained to us the real estate processes [about] which we had little idea... We appreciate his support and would like to thank him for his efforts." - Kaushik Das
"We're very pleased with your service in buying the property ...We had quite a few obstacles in the process but in the end you help to resolve them. Of course, we will come to you again in the future if we have a need. Speaking of which, I would like to get the property listing again for the same zip codes as before but under $250K. Please set that up for my new email address. Thanks again for all your help and support." - Anh Nguyen & Thanh Vo
"I would like to let you know that my realtor Deepak Prabhakar did an amazing job in helping me buy my first home. As a first time home buyer, given the market conditions I had a lot of questions and hinderances. Deepak did a splendid job in explaining all the details and he was always there for me when I needed his help and guidance. He always put my preferences first and negotiated with the builder (seller) which proved to be a boon in the end.

Deepak is one of those rare individuals who really loves his work and is very committed to his job. He always does his best to help his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Deepak for all my friends and colleagues." - Vinay Sreepad

"Thank you so much again for your help! You certainly helped me a lot and I feel very lucky to have you as my agent." - Buyer
"We really appreciate that ZipRealty employs real estate agent like Deepak Prabhakar who had displayed all the required expertise and professionalism on his job to:

- find the us the right "love at first sight" home within minimum amount of time.

- make all needed background information and market data available when we needed them helping us taking the right decisions at the right time during the whole home buying transaction of ours

- help maintain a realistic Calendar schedule with modest targets and meeting all the goals way ahead of time thereby exceeding our expectations on several occasions.

- make his comments available promptly when requested based on good research on the subjects which helped us a lot as the first time home buyers.

Thank you, ZipRealty!" - Buyer

"I feel very luck to have Deepak as my agent. He is extremely patient as he has showed me numerous properties before I made my final decision, and he is also very open minded to buyers' preferences. He also helped me to negotiate with seller in an AS-IS sale to pay 100% the total cost of a bathroom job. Even after closing his service continues - he helped me to clarify with HOA about an assessment that the seller was supposed to pay and got it resolved. I can certainly feel that he always tries his best to meet his client's needs and is rooted for this value from his heart. I would be glad to recommend Deepak to anyone." - Buyer
"He is the most patient, understanding and the outstanding person I ever worked with. He is very professional, punctual and helpful. He answered all our questions and concerns and when needed guided us to the right people. I will call Deepak if myself or any of my friends decide to buy a home." - Vijay Narayanasamy
"Deepak worked around my schedule and was always on time and very professional" - Linh Huynh
"We are very happy with our agent Deepak. He has been very helpful in our search for our home. He is very patient as is took us more than year & half to find us our Dream Home, and he has been there all along. We are very happy with his professionalism and knowledge of real esatate. We certainly will refer him to our family and friends and recommend him to every home buyer. We wish him all the best and will look for him again for buying our next Dream Home." - Rakesh Kaushal
"Deepak played a pivotal role in the entire home buying process of ours. His expertise and professionalism had helped me and my wife to gather all the necessary inputs and background data for research based on which we could take the right decisions at the right time thereby completing the whole process in a shorter time than initial expectation. We had noticed that Deepak always set modest targets for us and helped us achieve them in shorter time with results exceeding expectations. From my experience as a buyer, I would recommend Deepak to any prospective buyers." - Bipul Talukdar
"Not to forget his after sale service has been incredible.Our dishwasher was not functioning well, with just one call Deepak arranged for a Handyman to come by and get the dishwasher fixed. I have already referred him to our friends. Thanks Deepak, you have been truly a star for us." - Buyer
"I did not think that I would buy a house in San Jose within 3 months....and, dream came true, all happened due to DEEPAK PRABHAKAR!!!I got his reference from one of our good friend Rohit Jain. Initially, I was thinking to go with Deepak or not since I did not know him. But, when I got his feedback from Rohit, I did not think about anything and asked Zip to make Deepak as my agent to buy a house.He is a real honest professional person besides a good friend. I told me all about house buying process (house loan, offer, escrow...etc). He was always available to show the houses as per my conveniences. One more thing I would say, I has an issue with housing loan... I listened to Deepak's suggestions and we were able to close the escrow after getting loan approval from another lender. Last but not least, he also helped me to get extension from Seller without paying any penalty.Not only after getting house we left him, he helped me to get various vendors in cheap prices for house inspection and painting....lots of things are to be shared here, but...I am really thankful to him and many thanks for his smart work, Deepak jee, thanks you so much!!!" - Arvind Sharma, San Jose
"Deepak has been always very active in responding to any queries throughout the transaction. He made himself available over the weekend to match our timing to see properties. Many of our questions were very basic though important and Deepak had answered them with patience. He was very professional in dealing with us and with seller/seller's agent. At the end of day, we always wanted to deal this first time home buying with minimum stress and have good experience. We surely have to say that we were lucky to have him to help us in home buying. " - Vishal Parikh, Fremont
"It was our first-home buying experience and it couldn't have been so good without Deepak. Deepak spent lot of time with us to make us understand the whole home-buying process. He was very helpful, gave us enough information and guidance to make our own decision at our own pace. He helped us in literally every step we took to own a home.

His honesty, personality, and professionalism delighted us so much that our Realtor-Client relationship has grown into a family friendship. At times, he has gone beyond his Realtor duties to help us out in various things both pre and post-sale. I would highly recommend him to anyone (well, already did to couple of friends). Thanks Deepak for such an awesome home-buying experience with you!" - Rohit Jain, Milpitas

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