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Agent Ratings for Mary Austin

Mary Austin
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Past 3 months: 5.0
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Mouna E.
Prospective buyer
Mary is simply wonderful!. her warmth and sincere smile put me at ease and felt comfortable with her immediately. Mary showed up on time at a last minute notice to view the home. She was prepared, patient as I took my time touring the home, and full of information. I felt she has my best interest at heart and took in consideration all my needs, and advised me accordingly. Mary is also very thoughtful and pays attention to details. For example, she had cold beverages and snacks in her car, which I've enjoyed, and knew exactly what's important for me based on brief comments I made about the home. Mary communicates with me everyday and arranges for showings so quickly and is always available. She is making this process so easy for me and I trust her judgment completely. I feel very lucky to be working with Mary and I know she will find a wonderful home for me.
Steven C M.
Prospective buyer
A bit long of a review but that's because I just can't run out of good things to say about Mary. Mary was amazing - truly. I would recommend Mary to everyone I know and I usually don't like to do referrals unless I'm 100% sure. I was so impressed with how Mary is willing to take the time to help us make the right decision, get us all the information we needed and even show us alternate homes when we started to get desperate and focus too much on one to help us keep perspective. Further, Mary is sooo knowledgeable and has excellent input every step of the way - from initial showing to closing. And you would think that someone like that would be too busy to be responsive -- but it was rare that I did not get a response from her within seconds or minutes, regardless of the communication channel. Finally, she really knows the business and the people in the business. We were in a competitive multiple offer scenario and she helped us navigate solidly up to the #1 slot! You could do no better!
Judy C.
Townhome buyer in Issaquah
Mary has been a tremendous part in helping me find my first home. She is not only a real estate agent but a great teacher with a lot of knowledge in what she does and sells. I have also made a great friend through this journey. I am grateful to have met her at an open house that led to us working together.
Response from Mary
Thank you SO MUCH Judy! It has been fun getting to know you, your family and friends. I value your friendship.
Andrey K.
Condo buyer in Kirkland
Mary has done great job helping me to find my first home. She never tried to rush me as we looked at quite many homes. She was always helpful and very responsive answering any questions I had. Mary has great communication skills, and she resolved few issues along the way very quickly and efficiently. I can highly recommend Mary.
Sinan L.
Home buyer in Snohomish
Mary is an awesome agent! She recently helped us to purchase a fabulous home in a very competitive seller's market. She is very patient and is able to respond to our requests quickly so that we do not miss out on good opportunities. When visiting homes, she was able to give valuable suggestions that kept us away from problematic properties. We appreciate Mary's hard work and dedication and will be looking to work with her in the future.
Previous review from Sinan L.
Mary is a really helpful agent. Very responsible and responsitive. I am a first time buyer and have no idea about how to purchase a condo. Mary helped me go through a whole process and i got my first condo in a really good price! I will definitly go back to Mary for my future purchase!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Sinan for including me in your home purchase, and especially getting to know you. Please stay in touch.
Mary B.
Condo seller in Des Moines
I have only the highest regard for Mary Austin. Not only did she go above and beyond the call of duty, but she was always on target with approach, presentation and advice. A warm greeting with a firm handshake and great enthusiasm for her business assured me of her professionalism, and her communication throughout the process was impeccable.
Nageshwar Rao S.
Condo buyer in Redmond
Great to Work with. She enjoy showing homes often with short Notice. Gives her advise based on vast experience about pros and Cons. We loved working with Mary.
Andriy P.
Home buyer in Renton
Mary is an excellent agent - she is very passionate, knowledgeable and dedicate to buyer and she was providing great help and support at every step of a long and bumpy process of buying perfect house! A+
Meng Y.
Home buyer in Bellevue
It's the 3rd oh no 4th home Mary helped us purchase. The offer was drafted literally within an hour as requested by us and went live within hours. Throughout the waiting time Mary stay informed tactically and professionally with the seller agent and was able to help us win the property against multiple competing offers. I know I have said this before but Mary is simply THE best real estate agent you can ever hope to get.
Previous review from Meng Y.
This is the 3rd home I purchased with Mary and she's simply the best real estate agent ever. Mary has very deep knowledge in the local market, excellent communication skills and she's very trustworthy. I would highly recommend Mary.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Meng! It's been wonderful working with you, you are amazing, brilliant, and a really nice person. Thank you!
Previous review from Meng Y.
I have been working with Mary for more than a year when the market was just starting to decline. I cannot speak enough of how wonderful Mary is. She always thinks in your shoes and NEVER pushes. She's very very experienced, knowledgeable, critical and informational. Most important of all, she does an excellent job because she really CARES about her clients, trying to find them the best home and she's passionate about the job. Not only did Mary help me find a lovely new home, she also proved to be an excellent agent to get the perfect homes for my friends and coworkers. The list of the great things about Mary can go on and on. To summarize it all - she's probably the best agent you could ever get.
Jim G.
Condo buyer in Bellevue
A+++ Mary not only provided excellent real estate services but she recommended a loan agent that provided me a 1.875% interest rate that beat all others. She also welcomed my family to Bellevue, introduced us the local athletic club, provided contacts to the local schools and never failed to respond quickly to all of our real estate questions. We had such a great experience with Mary that we have already recommended her to friends. If you are truly looking for a real estate agent who will look after your best interests, Mary is a wonderful choice.
Lucy W.
Home buyer in Bellevue
Mary is an amazing agent. She was patient and helpful. We went around and looked for homes for four months before I decided to purchase my first home. Because I was new to Seattle, Mary took me around and patiently explain to me all the different neighborhoods. I'm really grateful for her help! She really knows real estate in Seattle and truly thinks about the situation in the customer's shoes. In addition, Mary is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about houses and building structure. She often points out things about the house that I didn't notice, such as the structure of the roof, the make of the heater, the electric wiring and even the type of concrete in the wall. I have learned a lot from the last few months I've been with Mary! I would highly recommend her to all my friends.
Previous review from Lucy W.
Mary is an amazing agent. She was patient and helpful. We went around and looked for homes for four months before I decided to purchase my first home. She was also not afraid to give me her honest opinions about houses and neighborhoods. Because I was new to seattle, Mary took me around and even told me to stay away from certain unsafe neighborhoods. I'm really grateful for her help! She really knows real estate in seattle and truly thinks about the situation in the customer's shoes. I would highly recommend her to all my friends. In addition, Mary is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about houses and building structure. She often points out things about the house that I didn't notice, such as the structure of the roof, the make of the heater, the electric wiring and even the type of concrete in the wall. I have learned a lot from the last few months I've been with Mary!
Arthur P.
Prospective buyer
Mary is great t work with. She knows the area really well, and has been great at answers to all of our questions. She is a great listener, and a lot of fun to visit homes with. We appreciate that Mary isn't pushing us to make an immediate decision, and know we will find the perfect home. We are recommending Mary to all of our friends.
Peihong Z.
Condo buyer in Bellevue
I am so glad to find Mary as my agent! She really cares and never pushy. She is very professional and her knowledge/insight about houses neighborhood really helped me. I'd totally recommend Mary to my other friends.
Tianfang X.
Condo buyer in Kirkland
Completely satisfied with Mary. Not pushing at all, always points out the potential problems when we were at homes, even talked me out of buying some condo that I liked but didn't know its siding could be problematic (since I didn't have enough knowledge at the beginning phase of house hunting). She is very responsive, always adjust her own schedule to try to be available at any time of the day that I wanted to go see different houses at different locations. She was following up with the seller, the lender and the escrow very closely at closing time to make sure that everything goes on schedule without me doing much on my own, even when she was on vacation in Europe. And what's more, she really treats you like family instead of just a client. Highly recommend!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Tianfang. It has been wonderful getting to know you. I love the great location of your new home, and hope you will enjoy it for many years. Please stay in touch, and let me know anytime I can help.
Bruce R T.
Condo seller in Kirkland
Mary went beyond and above in helping me sell this condo she's very observant and very accurate in estimating how to go about everything that was done to make this process happen I'm very happy with the work that she did and will always recommend her
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Rick. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to list your condo. It was a lot of fun selling it, and it was wonderful that you used your building expertise from Tachell Construction to help customize the home for the buyers.
Rose W.
Condo buyer in Redmond
We were very pleased to have Mary as our agent. She was always very eager to share her knowledge and expertise with us. She was dependable, and always responded quickly to our questions whether it was email, text or voicemail. We highly recommend Mary, and would definitely contact her in our future real estate needs.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Rose! I enjoyed working with you, and love your new property. Let me know any way that I can help. Stay in touch!
Beth V.
Home buyer in Seattle
Mary was awesome to work with! She was always looking after our best interests, and was careful to fully review each house with us to identify any potential issues or concerns. Once we selected a house, she went above and beyond to assist us in securing an acceptable contract, and helped us navigate through the inspection and lending processes. She stayed on top of everything, allowing us to enjoy the process and have an easy closing. I'd definitely recommend Mary!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Beth! I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. I hope you enjoy your home for many years. Be sure to stay in touch.
Jiahua N.
Condo buyer in Bellevue
I am happy with my new home. Mary was happy for me to take my time looking for homes. I looked on and off for at least 2 years, and was happy to wait until the perfect home came along for me, and the perfect price.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Jiahua! I enjoyed getting to know you, and getting to meet your Mom too. I hope you are happy in your home for many years.
Patricia H.
Condo buyer in Des Moines
We've been working with Mary for over a year to find a place we liked. She was incredibly patient with us and always willing to go the extra mile to help us. And when we found a place, she walked us through each step and always answered our questions. She always responded promptly and held our hands through the whole process. She was very honest with us and never tried to push us into making a decision. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a place to live in the Seattle area. And she's a lot of fun!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Pat! I LOVE your view, and love the beach salt air smell at your new home. I hope you and Richard are very happy there for many years.
Daniel Z.
Home buyer in Redmond
Mary is an excellent agent. She works hard to ensure the client is happy with what they get and goes the extra mile to find that. I have had some bad experiences with some other agents and when I get into the market again I sincerely hope that Mary is available.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Daniel! I hope you are happy in your home for many years to come. Let me know anytime I can help.
Philip P.
Condo buyer in Bellevue
First time home owner and I couldn't have been luckier to find Mary! Mary goes above and beyond in helping you find the perfect home at the right price. Her many, many years of experience and knowledge of the housing market definitely shines on our frequent house visits and comparisons. Superb knowledge of the Washington area and tons of local connections for ensuring that your next home purchase (and future maintenance) will be successful. Keeps on top of all the paperwork to ensure that final purchase happens right and smoothly. All the while treating you like family and helping out wherever she can. Couldn't have asked for a better agent!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much! It's been a lot of fun getting to work with you. Please stay in touch, and let me know any way that I can help.
Yu T.
Home buyer in Newcastle
I feel so lucky I get to work with Mary for my first house. I got my dream house with her. She is very professional, responsive and pay attention to details and always care about your intentions and really listen to what is your need. She treats you as one of his family, so she always gives you subjective and constructive suggestions. And she has a very high and strict standards on the quality of the house. If it is something not 100%, she tells you that it is not 100%, and she will let you know all the advantages and disadvantages to help you make a decision. It only took me around 3 weeks to target my dreaming house because she uses her knowledge and professions to help you filtering out these properties that not passing her standards to save your time. If she says one property is good and worthy, I 100% trust her does thinking so. I really appreciate that she keeps driving to my house under construction tons of times to check the construction progress and always communicating with the builder to make sure that everything is completed and satisfied. She is the agent that truly representing her clients and fighting for them. By the time we closed the house last week, the house value already raised by 8%. I am looking forward to work with her on the future property purchases!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Yu! My family and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. It was fun visiting the house with you and watching as the builder completed it. I hope your enjoy your amazing new, custom home for many years. Be sure to stay in touch.
Debbie K.
Prospective buyer
I flew into town for a job interview a couple of days early from Chicago. I tried to get a feel for the area on my own, and became completely overwhelmed. I emailed Mary on a Saturday night at 10PM to please help me. She texted me back at 1AM in the morning! She said she would pick me up the next day and show me around. She quickly figured out what I liked and did not like and showed me the areas that suited me and had great school districts. She is a godsend. I would recommend her to anyone moving here from out of state.
Response from Mary
Ahh thanks Debbie! I had a blast showing off the greater Seattle area to you. Our weather was as bad as it ever gets. I hope that doesn't scare you away. Thank you so much. Have a safe trip home, and stay in touch!
Richard B.
Townhome buyer in Newcastle
Knowledgable, honest, sympathetic, understanding, Mary pretty much possesses all the great characteristics of a top tier real estate agent. I've been working with Mary since May last year. It was almost 9 months from the time we started searching to the moment we closed our townhouse, and Mary has been super helpful and highly responsive throughout the whole process. She demonstrated top tier professionalism. Furthermore, what makes Mary really standing out is that she would not only treat you as a valuable client, but also as a member of her extended family (hats off :) I could never appreciate enough of the knowledge and support received from her and is looking forward for future opportunities to work with her again.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Richard for your kind comments. I learned a lot from you, and really enjoyed getting to assist you with your home purchase. I hope you are happy in your home for many years.
Mathias F.
Townhome seller in Issaquah
Mary is a hard worker who enjoys her trade- she is highly highly recommended!
Response from Mary
Thanks so much Mat & Caroline! Thank you for including me when you purchased, and again when you sold. I hope you are both very happy in your new home.
Previous review from Mathias F.
Mary was fantastic and I wholeheartedly recommend her. She was available when we needed her, and went above and beyond. Really a great person too
Peggy O.
Home buyer in Snohomish
We recently relocated from Seattle to Snohomish and Mary was our realtor for our purchase in Snohomish. I cannot say enough how attentive and available Mary is to her clients. Mary responds to emails and calls in a flash and was always available by phone no matter what time of the day or night. Mary has many years of experience which was invaluable for our purchase. We had some challenging events come up and Mary was right there to assist with the resolution. I would definately say that Mary gives her clients top customer service!!!!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Peggy & Ashley. I enjoyed working with you. I hope you are happy in your new home for many years.
Paul R.
Home buyer in Maple Valley
Absolutely helpful at all stages of the purchasing process.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Paul! I hope you and your family are very happy in your new home for many years.
Ivan B.
Prospective buyer
Mary is absoluely oustanding! She goes way beyond any agent we have ever worked with. Just can't say enough positive things about her!
Response from Mary
Thanks Ivan!!
Prianka M.
Home buyer in REDMOND
We were so lucky to have Mary as our realtor. I appreciate her dedication both before and after we made our offer. Our short sale took a really long time and Mary put in extra effort towards negotiations and was constantly engaging different parties. Thanks Mary for helping us buy our first home !
Response from Mary
Thank you so much! I enjoyed working with you, and hope you are happy in your home for many years.
Benjamin B.
Prospective buyer
Mary will go above and beyond ALL expectations, Every time.
Response from Mary
Thank you Ben! It is great to work with you.
Tanya C.
Home buyer in Bothell
Working with Mary was awesome, Mary brought a great asset to our journey in looking for our Dream Home. Mary's was very professional always, very considerate of our needs and wants, very informative as well. In others words. Mary new her stuff and we relied heavily on Mary's expertise. Mary never lead us wrong. We totally trusted Mary. We were a tag team and we wanted Mary to share her honest opinion. I wish all Real Estate Agents were like Mary. We truly feel we got luck. To have the privilege, to have worked with such a wonderful, professional, intelligent and knowledgeable women. Mary always gave not a 100%, but way over and above 150% 24/7. Tanya/Bill
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Tanya! I appreciate you and your family.
Grace M.
Prospective buyer
Mary's knowledge and professionalism in her field are superior. She is wonderful to work with, whether buying or selling. We can always trust that she is truly dedicated and has our best interests at the top of the list. We will never work with other agents again, only Mary fills that bill. We will always refer Mary to our other friends and family when they need an exceptional and skilled real estate agent.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Grace. I enjoyed working with you, and getting to know you and your family. I think you got a great investment property.
Paul S.
Condo buyer in Issaquah
Very helpful, and followed through to the finish line. thanks Mary
Response from Mary
Thank you Paul! I hope you will be happy in your new home for many years. Mary
Condo buyer in Rdmond
Mary is a very professional and responsive agent. In particular, she handled short sale very well and helpped me close my house in a week after saler bank's approval. I had very good experience with her service, and will recommend her to anyone without reservation.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much! I hope you are enjoying your home, and all the wonderful local amenities. Mary
Elisa M.
Prospective buyer
My husband and I were up visiting Seattle for a short time. I called Mary up to see the area as we are considering a move up from the Bay Area. She picked up the phone on the first ring and happened to be available that very day to show me some homes. She is incredibly efficient, connected by phone/text/email, and so lovely and low pressure. She not only spent the one day with me looking at houses but 2 days later showed us a couple of homes we really liked (with my husband). I have met a lot of real estate agents and she was a joy to work with, we will continue to have a relationship with her, I'm sure, throughout the process!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Elisa!! It was wonderful meeting you, your husband and daughter. Have a great week!
Marlee B.
Home buyer in Snoqualmie
When we looked to move from out of state, we were looking for an agent who would be our advocate in the market, help us with the entire process, and be our eyes and ears and feet for the many times and situations where we could not be there ourselves. Mary blew us away with the level of service and dedication she provided. From helping us to scour the listings, previewing homes, and then our marathon weekend of house viewing, Mary was a delight to work with through the entire process, and consistently exceeded our wildest expectations. Even after the home selection, she was there for us every step of the way with negotiation, guidance, helping to remove obstacles, and without her and her many contacts, we could not have closed. Through her welcoming demeanor and knowledge of local venues, we have already begun to feel at home. She was and is still always there for us, and made the whole experience enjoyable for everyone in our family.
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Marlee!
Karl L.
Home buyer in Renton
Mary returned all my calls while she was in a foreign country. Astionia to be exact. Talk about above and beyond. Thank You!!!
Jeffrey A G.
Condo buyer in Kent
Mary is the most professional realtor I have ever met! She is fantastic to work with and I would highly recomend her to anyone I know who is in search of housing!
Response from Mary
Thank you so much Jeffrey! It was a ton of fun working with you, and I appreciate that you have stayed in touch. Thanks too for the referrals. Best, Mary
Donna M.
Home buyer in Tacoma
Mary was a very wise, energetic, and positive influence as we looked for a house. She pointed out possible problems as well as the good points of each property. She found creative solutions when the inspector found flaws and got everyone one both sides of the sale working together. We love the house and truly appreciate the help Mary gave us to buy our daughter's first home.
Home buyer in seattle
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Bellevue
Maintains high availability during the entire process.
Home buyer in Issaquah
I am generally satisfied with house hunting experience, the house is relatively new and she helped to negotiate very hard with the selling agent to get a decent price. When I moved in, she even paid for the locksmith to change the locks for me, and also bought me batteries for the smoke detectors. That is really sweat. The only thing that I am not satisfied is the noise. I repeatedly told her that the noise may be a concern but she insisted it is not a big deal. I moved in and felt it is indeed a concern as the road in front of my townhouse is the only way for 300 households to get out for work. There are too many cars passing between 6:00 and 8:00.
Home buyer in Redmond
Mary went out of her way to help us find our house and close on time. She is very responsive and master the art of communication with all parties. We learned how this is key in the process of buying a house. She loves what she does and she does it professionally. We took our time to find the house we wanted and Mary was always responsive and willing to help us after months of visiting. We're glad we had her on our side and highly recommend her. Thanks so much Mary! Carol & Bruno
Mohamed O.
Home buyer in Newcastle
No review submitted
Michael K.
Condo buyer in Bellevue
Mary Austin was a dream. A real estate agent who became a close friend. We cannot thank her enough for her help, support, and understanding. She went way above and beyond the call of duty.
Condo buyer in Bothel
We got more than what we can expect. Mary, is a wonderful person & we know we can count on her.
Home buyer in North Bend
No review submitted
Condo seller in Renton
Mary worked with us on buying a home and selling a home. She gave fantastic service and was always available to help and worked really hard in both transactions. If I know of others who are looking into buying/selling, I would highly recommend her.
Condo buyer in Redmond
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Home buyer in Renton
She was great.
Jason P.
Condo buyer in Edmonds
No review submitted
Jim W.
Condo buyer in Kirkland
Mary always responded promptly. She initally helped me set up my search on the web site and offerred additional locations to include. She understood I was from out of town and just looking initially. She did not contact me excessively or apply any pressure. When we told her we were flying out and wanted to see some units, she provided her services to accommodate us. Very helpful, friendly and professional.
Home seller in Renton
She is a high energy, diligent and great agent.
Barbara H.
Home buyer in Kirkland
Mary was awsome. She exceeded the expectations of this buyer. I will rec. her to everyone I know. Mary is a wonderful person. She was a joy to work with. I consider her a friend. Zip is fortunate to have her. My many thanks for everything. Barbara
Condo buyer in Renton
No review submitted
Leanne H.
Home buyer in Seattle
I was extremely impressed with Mary's professionalism and her very positive, "can do" attitude. I worked with her for over a year looking at properties and she eventually found us just the right one--exactly what we were looking for, which wasn't easy in the hot market in Seattle. She was always willing to go the extra mile and provide me with all the data I needed and requested to help me make my decision. This transaction was a little more difficult because I was buying from California. When I emailed or called Mary her responses were almost instantaneous. If I decide to buy another house in Seattle I would definitely contact Mary and work with her again.
Steve S.
Home buyer in Renton
Mary bent over backwards for us and was available at the drop of a hat. I have already recommended her to a friend with a house to sell.
Home buyer in Seattle
Mary was an excellant resource for us, and her tireless approach helped us get into the perfect home. THANK YOU!
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