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Powered by Zip is a real estate solution that provides brokerages with technology to power their local business, compete online and succeed in the digital age.

Reach valuable consumers

Today's most valuable real estate consumers conduct their search and connect with agents on their own terms, on their own timelines and on a combination of web and mobile devices. These connected consumers are four times more likely to buy a home.1

The combination of our feature-rich technology for buyers and sellers and our experience driving traffic through SEO makes our highly visited website and award-winning mobile app a popular real estate destination for online consumers. Our user-friendly, seamless, multi-screen experience keeps these valuable consumers engaged throughout their home search.

Empower your agents

Our multi-channel CRM empowers agents to make the most of their time, focus on clients who are ready to transact, incubate long-term prospects and drive their business through online marketing. Engaged agents working on our platform are 50% more productive1 than the average agent.

Our agent-facing technology is completely integrated with our consumer tools, so that agents are able to provide relevant, personalized service and stay up-to-speed on what their consumers need and want even before those consumers reach out. And because our agent platform is available on both desktop and mobile, agents are able to effectively and efficiently conduct business wherever they go.

Increase your bottom line

Powered by Zip was built by a brokerage for brokerages to meet the specific needs of real estate professionals and give brokers and managers the opportunity to proactively coach agents, anticipate business performance and get insight into their customer base. Brokers with engaged agents who meet consumers on their own terms ultimately generate more company dollar for the brokerage bottom line.

Our comprehensive platform gives you insight into your brokerage operations and the tools you need to effectively compete in today's online marketplace, including a lead generation service. Powered by Zip gives you the tools you need to leverage your local brand online and offer your customers and agents a technology solution for a seamless and streamlined real estate experience.
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